Want to Add Quaint Charm to Your Home? Build and Customize Your Own Amish Garage or Shed


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If you’ve ever wanted a shed in your backyard, or if you’ve needed to build a garage for your cars, you have plenty of easy options. However, not all sheds and garages are alike, and steel just doesn’t have the same charm as a quaint wooden structure. One of the best alternatives to plain steel structures is to build from Amish prefab garage and Amish shed kits. Why Amish structures? Amish built sheds and garages (typically built on the East Coast in Pennsylvania, New York, Ohio, and New Jersey) are a great addition to any home, and they can provide a quaint look that more modern buildings just can’t. Similar in look to the famous Amish barns, Amish prefab garages and sheds come in easy to put together kits and can be customized in any way. They are also made for storing tools and heavy duty equipment and are constructed with reinforced doors and high quality materials.

Thinking about building your own Amish prefab garage or shed from a kit? Here are some ideas for how you can make this structure stand out in your neighborhood:

    1. Paint. One of the greatest things about Amish sheds and garages is that they can be painted easily. These Amish prefab kits are made from wood and can be stained or painted any shade. If you decide to paint yours, be sure to use colors that complement one another, and designate one color for the trim. You can choose a neutral color for the whole shed and a bright color for the trim, reverse it to make a bright shed, or paint the whole thing in neutral earth tones. The possibilities are endless and can easily bring custom decorations to your property.
    2. Surround it with beautiful landscaping. Having a shed or garage set apart from your house doesn’t have to mean it stands alone. Incorporate shrubbery, a shade tree, or a simple flower bed near your shed. For Amish garages, you can plant flowers along the sides to bring new life to it.
    3. Make it home-like. One way to make your new shed or garage blend in is to make it look just like your home. Paint it the same colors as your house, or use colors that will complement the house well. Also, you can make the actual shed or garage look home-like, too, by adding shutters and curtains to the windows. Even the inside can be designed to look finished, so can also have an additional place to entertain if you’re not storing items in the structure.

Have questions on how to design your Amish prefab garage or shed? Leave a comment below.

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