Want a More Polished Home? Tips For Furnishing Your Home Right


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Do you love the sets created in home furniture stores, but are having a difficult time recreating that polished feel in your own home? The difference between a styled set and your living room is not a discrepancy in your home furnishing budget. Instead, it comes down to one word: style. Not understanding what home decorating style appeals to you and how to achieve it is what keeps your home from having that “finished” look you seek. Below are a few tips for furnishing a home to get you started on the path to creating the home of your dreams.

Planning furniture in a room requires some measuring, some knowledge of sight lines, and of course, an understanding of atmosphere. What does the latter mean? When you go furniture shopping, have you noticed that each section has a different, for lack of a better word, feel? A room set featuring large leather couches and dark wood have a distinctly adult feel, while light wood and durable fabrics might bring to mind a family living room. Colors, design lines, and fabrics all contribute to the overall atmosphere of a room. Mixing these features incorrectly will result in disjointed and frankly unstylish room decor. Consider your first apartment, which likely had pieces that were collected with a consideration more to price than to actual style.

To achieve the right atmosphere, first understand what you want each room to be. For example, if you desire a kitchen that is light and airy, perhaps a coastal theme would suit. Filmy, light weight curtains in a pale shade such as sea foam green, pictures of the beach or seashells, and light-colored kitchen cabinets would harmonize to create the right feel.

As you decide on the theme, remember that the right decor also depends on one’s lifestyle. A room of beautiful antiques and spindly chairs may appeal to you, but if you have small children with grabby hands it may be better to choose items that are sturdy. Likewise, if you have pets, couches that are easy to clean will save you trouble over the long term.

Once you have decided on the right decorating style and established your home furnishing budget, it is time to look into furniture. But first, it is important to know what makes a piece of furniture high quality, and a high price tag does not always guarantee it. Real wood instead of plywood is a good indicator, but 9-layer plywood works fine too. Construction is a good indicator, with dovetail joints being higher quality than a dowel with visible screws. One giveaway of poor quality is signs of glue or staples. A piece of furniture with these will not last very long.

Is it better to create a home furnishing budget before or after you have determined the decorating style you prefer? It is up to you. Finely constructed furniture may carry a higher price tag, but it does last longer than the cheaply constructed pieces. If it is a concern, just know that Memorial Day and Valentine’s Day are historically the best times of the year to find a good furniture sale. Take the time to decide what appeals to you, so that you can spend wisely and create a home you love.

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