Top Ways to Organize Your Home


Craft storage ideas

These days homes are shrinking: but we?re spending more time in them. More people work from home than ever before. A recent survey by Etsy revealed that 97% of its sellers in the US worked from home, and 74% considered their shops businesses and not a hobby.

With all that we have going on in our homes, and all that’s in them (the average American home has 300,000 items!), it?s essential that we make the best possible use of the space. Here top ideas for keeping your home a neat, useful place for working and living.

Toss the Junk

Your file bench is covered in stuff. Your drawers went from holding clothes to being scrapbook paper storage. Maybe you?ve got kids: the average 10-year-old has 238 toys, but only plays with 12 of them. In short, there is stuff everywhere.

Don?t be afraid to go through this stuff and toss it out. There is a myriad of available multifunctional furniture for small spaces that can help organize your cleaning effort. Find a 5 drawer organizer or a 6 cube organizer and divide them into categories, beginning with ?definitely toss? and ending with ?definitely keep.? Start with the tossing the easy stuff into those two categories, and put other things in the spaces in between-more or less towards tossing or keeping based on your feeling as soon as you pick it up.

Later you can go through and evaluate the items in the middle. A lot of the stuff close to “definitely toss” should probably end up being thrown away: but some might make the cut. Likewise, the closer it is to “definitely keep” the more likely you really want, need, or love it. But a cold evaluation of some of those items will reveal things that should probably just go in the bin.

Organize the Junk

You probably have some kind of organization going on already, but with home spaces shrinking you might really need multifunctional furniture for small spaces to take best advantage of the space you do have.

You can use craft storage bins to fit all kinds of items into small spaces. A stackable cube organizer allows you to organize toys, hobby materials, art supplies, or nearly anything else into space-saving arrangements. These types of multifunctional furniture for small spaces can be used anywhere: kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, workroom, and even garage.

Think Bookcases

Of all the multifunctional furniture for small spaces that humankind has ever used, the bookcase is one of the oldest and most ubiquitous. But there?s no need to use it just for books. You can buy bookcases online now that will fit into nearly any decor or room arrangement.

Bookcases can become craft room storage, toy storage, kitchen storage, or even garage tool storage. They allow you to place items into categories by shelf that help you find them later, quickly.

Think Outside the Box

You already do that with your crafts, right? Apply that same creativity to arranging multifunctional furniture for small spaces. The craft storage drawers and magnetic canisters can go in many different arrangements.

Try taking everything out a room and re-arranging it from scratch. You might be surprised how this fresh look at the arrangement opens up a world of new possibility in your mind.

Being more organized by finding and arranging multifunctional furniture for small spaces will help you take advantage the room you have, decrease your stress by organizing your life, and even make things just look better. And a sensible arrangement that is well-organized can be taught to the whole family. Give it a try!

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