Top Three Fail Proof Fall Wedding Ideas


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Everyone wants their wedding to be fun and meaningful, but one of the most important values couples have for their wedding is that it is unique to them. At the same time, couples usually want their weddings to be timeless, probably because the pictures — and the marriage — will last a lifetime. If you’re one of thousands of couples getting married this fall, here are some fail proof basics to keep your wedding timeless.

Play up the color palette
One of the best things about having a fall wedding is the richness of the colors. You can’t get away with dressing your bridesmaids in a deep mahogany or burnt orange to play up the natural colors outside in any other season. Rich navy blues are a great contrast to the reds and oranges of the changing foliage which will create a much more dynamic color scheme than you’d have in the spring or summer.

Take advantage of nature
Another timeless element of fall weddings is using natural elements in the decor. These days people are using things like antlers or furs, but you don’t have to go that far to bring the outdoors into your ceremony or reception. Try using bare branches in your centerpieces or using leaves in place of flowers. Look for outdoor wedding places to enhance the scenery around your ceremony (and save a few bucks on decor because of it).

Lace, lace, and more lace
One of the staples of fall weddings is lace. Though Kate Middleton’s lace dress is the inspiration for dresses in all seasons, we all know that fall is where it started. A lace dress is the perfect soft look for fall and has a much more natural feel than silks or tulle. If you want to incorporate it into the decor, try lace tablecloths or chair coverings for an understated look.

An outdoor venue
The best places to have a wedding reception and ceremony in the fall is somewhere that you can take full advantage of pleasant weather and beautiful scenery. There are few things as timeless as nature, and the outdoors is one of the best places for wedding receptions since the space is so adaptable.

Do you have any other suggestions for timeless fall wedding features or best places to have a wedding in the fall? Let us know in the comments. best ballroom
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