Top Five Reasons You Should Donate Your Used Clothes Today


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We all have clothes we don’t need anymore. While it can be annoying to have to throw out that sweater you bought only a few months ago, there are organizations that can take that article off your hands and give it to those in need. Clothing drop off is a smart and efficient way of recycling clothing (as well as furniture and old knickknacks) you don’t need and keeping them from clogging up your closet and landfills. Here are the top five reasons why you should send your worn-out fashion to clothing drop off instead of going to the garbage can:

It’s Easier On The Environment

It’s important to turn off your lights at night and take your used glass bottles to the recycling company. Donating your old clothes and items can help, too! Landfills can be hazardous to the environment and reusing your gently worn items keeps trash to a minimum. But what materials are actually reused?

Reuse Old Materials

A lot of quality materials, such as linen and cotton, go to waste when they could simply be re-used. Americans recycle or donate an estimated 15% of their used clothing, which means well over 10 million tons still go to landfills every year! Almost 100% of used clothing can be reused somehow, but textiles account for around 5% of municipal waste — that’s tens of thousands of pounds thrown away yearly.

Quick And Convenient Transportation

Find your schedule is a little too packed to take a trip to your local charity organizations? There’s a service for that! You can donate clothes as easily as making a call and scheduling a pick-up right at your front door. Make sure your clothes are gently used and any toys you want to donate aren’t broken!

Easier On Your Wallet

While it’s disappointing to feel like you wasted money on clothes that no longer fit or suit you, all is not lost! Did you know that a charitable donation can account for a tax write-off? For example, men’s suits are worth approximately $60 in a tax write-off, while a coffee maker can be anywhere from $4 to $15.

Free Up Some Space!

So we’ve learned that you can earn tax write-offs for your unwanted articles and furniture. You help the environment by keeping recyclable materials out of landfills and into the hands of those who can use it for new items. Now how about just freeing up your closet? Spring cleaning will be a thing of the past with less unwanted articles clogging up your living space. Clothing drop off benefits everybody in the long run, so look up your local charitable donations and get to saving money and helping out your community!

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