Three Tell-Tale Signs it’s Time to Have Your Garden Shed Replaced


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If you’re one of the countless homeowners in America who have a shed in their backyards, it’s completely normal for you to expect to perform about one shed repair every few years to keep it in top shape.

But after a certain point, you’ll need more than a repair to keep even the most quality sheds in their ideal condition. On average, wooden sheds only last between 15 and 20 years. At this point, it’s smarter to just replace your shed.

Apart from age, there are a few other signs that should indicate when you need a replacement shed or garage. Here’s a look at three of the most common:

Its roof felt has deteriorated and left roof timbers exposed

The roof felt of your shed is one of the things that protects the roof timbers from the elements ? but sometimes, your roof felt can split or get holes in it. It’s usually an easy enough fix, if you catch it early. However, if the hole or split is left untreated for too long, your shed’s roof timbers will begin to rot ? which is automatically enough reason to replace your garden shed.

Too many leaks have caused irreparable damage

Did you know you should be checking your shed’s roof after each rainfall to make sure no water is getting in? This way, you’ll be able to fix leaks in your roof before they become a major problem. Much like with roof felt holes, too many untreated roof leaks over time will destroy any garages and sheds, and you’ll need a new one. You should also be on the lookout for rotting wood throughout the entirety of your shed. Most times, you’ll be able to replace just one piece of rotting wood ? but if the problem isn’t caught fast enough, the rot will spread to the rest of the shed.

The shed’s floor is damaged

Another easy tip: Your shed’s floor is often the first part of the shed to show signs of damage. This is especially true if it’s placed directly on the ground instead of on a concrete base. If you notice your floor is damp, warped or rotting, it’s time to invest in a new garden shed.

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