Three Reasons You’ll Regret Buying a Universal Remote


Toshiba remote control replacement

Losing your remote is a pain. You may find it in your couch or in your wastebasket, but if it’s lost for good or broken, you’ll have to start looking at TV remote replacements if you want to use your device without getting up and walking over to it every time.

When people choose replacement remote controls, they often go for all in one remote controls just because they’re the obvious solution. You can usually buy generic remotes in office supply stores for a relatively low cost, or download an app that lets you control your devices through your smartphone.

But these all in one remote controls come with a cost, and you should understand the downsides before you rush out to buy one.

Limited Functionality

When you purchase all in one remote controls, you get the ability to control more than one device with a single remote. While this is convenient, it also means that the buttons on the remote have to be generic enough to work across several devices. This usually means that you lose the more advanced features of your device and you won’t have access to everything it offers.

Limited Remote Programming Capacity

Cheaper all in one remotes may have memory issues that cause you to reprogram the device every time you want to use it. Others may not be sophisticated enough to work with your device–or your device may be too old to accept the remote.

Different Design

Original remote controls are designed to work with your device, so buttons that you’ll use frequently are in locations where they’ll make sense. All in one remote controls are designed to work with vast numbers of devices, so you won’t be able to navigate them with the same ease.

Fortunately, you can purchase another copy of the remote that came with your device for a fairly low cost from a number of online resellers. Skip the hassle of a universal remote and get a remote that’s designed to work perfectly with your device.

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