Three Inaccurate Assumptions You’re Making About Amish Made Goods


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The Amish culture is somewhat of an enigma to the rest of the country. People who live in Amish villages tend to keep to themselves and the extent that we interact with them is by crossing their buggies on the road (if you live near an Amish town), and through the goods they create. Outside of their penchant for not owning the newest iPhone, the thing most people associate the Amish with is the quality of the goods they make.

Amish people believe that producing beautiful and flawless goods are a representation of the Creator who made them, and so you can not find better quality than Amish furniture, garages and sheds. We all know that if something is Amish made, it’s going to get “OOOs” and “AHHs” from everyone who sees it. So why don’t we all own something made with the skilled hands of an Amish craftsman? There are a lot of misconceptions about Amish goods that keep people from obtaining them. We’re here to bust the myths.

Three Inaccurate Assumptions You’re Making About Amish Made Goods

  1. WRONG:Amish Goods Cost an Arm and a Leg

    So you need a place to store your lawn equipment. You can pay a medium amount of money for one of the cheap garden sheds that your local big box store sells, and although it’s going to be an eye sore and will fall apart in a season or two, you’re probably assuming the cost of an Amish built sheds are astronomically more than the cheap garden sheds that you get from your local Cheap-Quality-R-Us. In reality, not only does an Amish made shed last long and look about eleventy hundred times better than those cheap garden sheds, there are a lot of reasons the price for hand-made Amish goods isn’t as much as you think:

    • Amish people believe in wasting nothing. This means that the raw material that they use to produce your handmade items stretches a lot further, so there is a far lower cost that rolls down to you.
    • When you buy cheap garden sheds from a big box corporation, you’re paying a CEO, you’re paying a marketing team, you’re paying to ship the product from overseas, you’re paying the staff at the store who loads the shed into your car. While your cheap garden shed is certainly cheap (in more way than one), there are a lot of costs that are lumped in. On the other hand, when you purchase a shed made by an Amish craftsman, you’re paying one or two craftsmen to take raw materials and turn it into a shed that will last forever. There is less overhead, which results in lower costs. The money you pay for an Amish shed is literally for the quality of the product.

  2. WRONG: Amish Made Goods Are Only Appropriate for Your Grandma’s Cabin.

    When you think of Amish made goods, you might be thinking of a rocking chair or a table that has a rustic and maybe outdated appearance to it. They’re beautiful, but maybe not the look you’re going for. In reality, Amish goods have this association because the goods that were produced in Amish workshops a hundred years ago are still alive and kicking now. However, Amish craftsman, as with all furniture producers, stay abreast with modern trends. In fact, many Amish workshops are happy to make custom pieces, so you can commission them to create a piece of furniture that matches absolutely any look that you want.

  3. WRONG: You Can Only Order Amish Goods if You Live Around an Amish Community

    Thanks to Amazon Prime, we can now order everything from toilet paper to sail boats with the click of a button and have it appear on our front door. Amish communities abstain from the world wide web, so one might assume that you must order an Amish good in person, which isn’t possible if you aren’t near an Amish community. However, while you won’t find an Amish woodworker on Google, you will find a number of businesses that specialize in serving as a go-between for you. So you can still order your own special piece of Amish made furniture and have it delivered without ever leaving your couch!

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