Thinking of Buying a Golf Cart? Seniors With Mobility Issues Investing in Golf Carts


Pre owned golf carts

If you are a golf enthusiast who is considering purchasing a pre-owned golf cart, you may be interested to know that golf is the only sport that has ever been played in space. In 1971, an astronaut played a brief round of golf on the moon, but no report was ever filed as to whether he made a hole in one. In Japan, players who make a hole in one are required to throw a party for their family and friends. There are more than 17,000 golf courses around the country, and more seniors are interested in used golf carts as handy ways to get around.

There are several senior retirement villages in the United States that offer their residents access to paved roads designed for golf carts and utility vehicles. If you have mobility issues, you might want to look into refurbished golf carts as a way to get around your neighborhood. Golf cart dealers realize that many of their customers either play the sport or plan to use the vehicles as transportation, and they can discuss your options when you make a visit or by phone. Golf cart dealers also want their customers to know that there are different sizes of pre owned golf carts available for purchase.

Typically, a golf cart dealer would recommend that their customers use their carts in areas where the speed limit is less than 30 mph. Golf carts can carry up to 10 passengers, but if you’re just planning on commuting locally or taking in the local sights, you may want to look into purchasing a vehicle that carries fewer passengers. Golf carts can travel more than 20 mph and are usually about eight feet in length. If you buy a golf cart from your local golf cart dealer, make sure that you have a place you can store your cart to protect it from the elements. There are also covers available for every model of golf cart.

When you’re talking about cargo space, most golf carts offer storage of about 300 pounds. You just want to make sure that you stay within the posted weight limits for your particular vehicle. Golf carts can make excellent additions to the fleet for small businesses that make local deliveries. Most states allow high school students to become certified to drive golf carts, and you can reasonably expect your golf cart’s battery to last for a few days. Talk to your local golf cart dealer about purchase and finance options: sometimes, taking the slow road can be infinitely more relaxing.

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