The Three Best Ways to Save on Your Wedding Venue


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One of the most costly expenses for a wedding is the venue, and choosing the right one is essential for creating the right ambiance and atmosphere. Since the average cost of a wedding in the United States is upward of $13,000, you’re probably looking for some ways to save on every detail of the wedding. Here are three tricks to help you cut costs on one of the most important elements of your wedding.

Go outdoors
One of the best places to have a wedding reception is outside. Outdoor wedding places offer plenty of space for all of your guests, whether you have 30 or 300. Furthermore, outdoor venues are more adaptable to your needs and offer plenty of natural scenery, which is sure to save you some money on decor and flowers.

Have it at home
They say that home is where the heart is, so what better place is there to have a wedding? Homes can be the most romantic wedding places, since they are so comfortable and personal to the couple. If your home can accommodate all of your guests, having your wedding and reception at home can save you all of the money you would otherwise have paid to rent a venue.

Have the ceremony and the reception at the same place
Another way to save money on the venue is to find the best places to have a wedding reception and ceremony. Having both events at the same venue can cut costs since many places that offer those services have packages and deals on everything you need for the ceremony and reception.

Cutting costs on one part of the wedding, like the venue, can open up opportunities for other parts of the wedding that you might not have been able to afford otherwise, like a chocolate fountain or the best ballroom dancing lessons. Having your wedding and reception at the same place, having it at home, or having it outdoors are all easy ways to reduce the amount of money you’ll spend on the venue, and on your wedding altogether.

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