The Right Venue and Services For Your Wedding


Planning a wedding is going to involve a lot of time, people, money, and effort, and some brides and grooms give themselves as much as 18 months to two years to plan their wedding, especially for ballroom weddings or large events at banquet halls. Other weddings might be more modest in scale and budget, and the planning will probably take about 10 to 12 months. But no matter the wedding’s scale, the best venue should be secured, and this is a task all in its own. Once the venue is chosen, though, the hard work is far form over. Wedding venues don’t always come with the tables, chairs, or catering that the wedding party will need, so looking up all these services after finding the venue is essential. Looking up “ballrooms in miami” will settle the venue; now, how about the food, flowers, music, and tables?

Ballrooms in Miami: Tables and Chairs

Suppose you live in Miami, and your ballroom wedding is going to be a big one. Also, suppose the chosen venue does not provide tables and chairs. Some venues provide such things, but others do not, and brides and grooms must be ready for this. So, they can start by finalizing the guest list, and with this concrete number, they can determine how many tables and chairs must be rented. Local rental companies can provide many different models of tables and chairs of varying sizes and seating capacity, and the shape may be a matter of preference (round, square, long, etc). Once the chairs and tables are rented in the correct type and quantity, the wedding party can calculate how much square footage will be taken up by all this. Ideally, there will be plenty of leftover room in the banquet hall, and of course, there should be room between the tables for people to walk around, not to mention room to slide chairs in and out. And once the tables are rented, the wedding party can visit linen rental companies to get tablecloths to drape over them in the correct size and number.

Ballrooms in Miami: Catering

Now that the tables and chairs are arranged, it is time for the food. Practically all weddings serve lunch or dinner, and serving food on that scale means reaching out to caterers in the area. In Miami, brides and grooms should have plenty of options, including authentic Latin food if they so choose. It may also be noted that at some weddings, the reception will involve snacks and cocktails rather than a full meal, and if this is the case, the guests should know about that ahead of time so they can feed themselves before or after the wedding.

As for caterers, the bride and groom can look into their options several months before the big day, and not only should they refer to previous customer reviews, but they should also sample the food themselves to see if it is to their liking. What is more, the wedding party can ask the caterer to provide some dishes for customers with particular needs, such as lactose intolerant guests, vegetarians or vegans, or those with religious dietary restrictions.

The cake is the responsibility of a baker, and the wedding party can also look up their bakery options well ahead of time and sample cakes from each one. The timing of baking the cake vs delivering it should be managed carefully for the wedding day, so the cake and its frosted flowers (should there be any) isn’t stale.

Ballrooms in Miami: Decor

Even a fairly modest wedding will have decor, and so will a formal banquet affair. Florists may be contacted to provide flowers of all kinds, from the bouquets of the bride and bridesmaids to bunches of flowers that decorate the venue and vases of flowers at each table. There may also be strings of lights or streamers, not to mention the option of a wedding arch, which may have flowers, lights, and more added. Creative brides and grooms can create an entire theme with the decor, ranging from Victorian revival to rustic outdoors to an ocean theme. Jewelry and outfits among the bride, groom, bridesmaids, and groomsmen may match the theme, such as sea glass jewelry for an ocean theme.

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