The Best Way to Replace a Lost or Broken Remote


Replacement lg remote controls

Today, American television watchers own a collective total of about 335 million TV remote controls, and they’re more reliant on those remotes than ever. Many newer TV sets don’t feature any buttons and require TV remote controls to operate. Some won’t even turn on unless you have the right remote.

Unfortunately, TV remote controls are easier to lose than ever. Back when the Zenith “Lazy Bones” remote was created in 1950, losing a remote would have been almost absurd, since the device was attached to the set with a wire.

But now, remotes are small and sleek and easy to lose between couch cushions or in couch-side wastebaskets. They also seem to look delicious to dogs, rabbits and guinea pigs alike.

As a result, there’s a big market for replacement television remote controls that universal and all in one remote controls have tried to fill, but nothing quite lives up to original remote controls.

With universal remotes, you can control more than one device, but what you gain in quantity you lack in quantity. TV remote replacements that aren’t designed to work with your device will never let you access all of the features of your device, no matter how well you program them.

So how can you replace your lost or broken remote controls without losing functionality?

The answer is simple. Just buy another copy of your lost remote. If your warranty doesn’t cover replacement remotes (or if getting a replacement just isn’t possible through your TV company) there are plenty of third party sellers which can provide you with remotes from the original manufacturer.

All you’ll need is the model number on the back of the device the remote used to control. You can usually use that number to order a brand new remote just like the one you lost. You’ll get a great remote for a low price that lets you access every aspect of your device. More can be found here.

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