The Benefits of Decorating Your Home With a Shoji Screen


Custom shoji screens

Although shoji screens are commonly associated with Japanese culture, they were actually created in China as far back as 800 BC. However, while Chinese shoji screens were designed to stay in one place, Japanese folding screens were meant to be moved around. As a result, modern shoji screens are designed around the traditional Japanese varieties, which makes them a beneficial way to decorate homes.

1. Many uses. Shoji screens can be used in a variety of different ways. Although they are most popular for their ability to divide rooms, sliding Japanese screens can also be used as doors, windows, and headboards, as well. Since shoji screens are versatile furnishings, they can be used in nearly every room in your home.

2. Durable construction. Sliding Japanese screens are built to last. In fact, shoji screens typically consist of waterproof rice paper, vinyl, and wood, and they are designed to stay solid and functional. Even when shoji screens are exposed to humid climates and rough handling, they will last for an extended period of time.

3. Countless varieties. Shoji screens come in a variety of styles, colors, and designs. For example, tall, four-panel shoji screens are commonly used as room dividers, while longer screens are typically used as sliding doors. This means that whatever your interior design entails, there is a Japanese screen that best suits your needs.

Modern shoji screens are a useful and attractive way to decorate your home. Not only are sliding Japanese screens durable, but they can be used in numerous ways because there are countless varieties available, as well. As a result, adding this traditional Japanese furnishing to your home will help make your interior design project more successful. See more:

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