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You walk into a warm, rose-scented room with fresh flowers, a beautiful couch, and gilded mirrors on facing walls. Doesn?t that sound lovely? Believe it or not, home buyers take note of the feeling a space evokes when they enter it. If they can envision themselves in the home, anything you can do to make the vision a reality helps you sell your home faster. Often, you increase the value modestly when you do what real estate agents refer to as ?staging? the home.

Realtors offer the advice for single family homes that the best room in the house to stage is the living room. But what about luxury condos? What rooms are buyers interested in seeing staged there? Younger buyers are trending toward city living, and luxury condos offer the right amount of space and the right access to the pulse of the street. What most millenials entering the housing market are looking for include minimalist elegance. Staging a condominium to display supreme organization and a healthy dose of panache gives your listing a wow factor that?s lost on a lot of luxury real estate on the market right now.

Start Small

The ?go big? paradigm is best applied in single family homes for sale. Condominiums can be a sprawling 3,000 square feet and still won?t need an oversized sofa or California king sized bed to actualize a real home fantasy. Minimalist elegance requires the use of a few items with their own personality. A rectangle gold-framed mirror behind a Florence or Victorian love seat is perfect for the wall, while an accent rug and glass coffee table topped with fresh flowers give the living room just enough without overwhelming the space.

Organization Beats Ornate? Everytime

Including elements of organization to a space by removing everything from kitchen counters except one or two appliances. Include shelving or added drawers to the closet. Organized spaces bring peace of mind and a feeling of calm. Instaed of placing plants all over the house, choose one room to install a vertical garden. Any ways that you can pull things together and accentuate a room with the unity, that?s the best option for successful staging in real estate for sale..

Half of all real estate agents agree that staging affects buyers positively. The basic staging moves, such as cleaning the house thoroughly, moving the armchair to the bedroom, and removing items from countertops, are sufficient to generate interest. Including ?wow factor? elements expand your reach and could make the difference between a yes and a no.

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