Six Hardscape Ideas that Can Transform Your Property


Just as important to your curb appeal and home value as landscaping, hardscaping is the often-neglected way of complementing both your yard and your home. From driveways to walkways, patios to walls, here are some hardscape ideas to spur your imagination and help you get the home you want.

Front Yard

What it comes to the front yard, your hardscape ideas should center around improving curb appeal. Most front yards are pretty boring, so here are some ideas for spicing up yours.

  • Cut down on watering and maintenance.Tear out the lawn and replace it with plants that are born to tolerate drought, with lots of mulch in between. Lawns and grass are notorious water hogs, and with our improved understanding of the environment, there are certain areas where even having a lawn is a serious detriment to the environment. If you live in an area where you constantly have to water, these plants are the superior choice.

    Where does hardscaping come in? It’s a fairly simple matter to build up the front lawn and put in a small retaining wall of brick. Widen the walkway and create a small paver patio to complement your new plants.

  • Invite the neighbors If you live in an area with a strong community, make your front yard a welcoming place. Instead of sitting in the backyard all the time, replace part of the front lawn with some patio. Put in some nice umbrellas for shading, some inviting shade, and then bring out the lemonade (or the wine) and get ready for some neighborly chats.
  • Break up the green monotony.While green is nice it can also look drab if it’s not taken care of or if that’s all you have. Use concrete or other hardscape slabs to break up the area into patterns. These will create visual interest and curb appeal, while also giving you less space to water and mow. An all-around win!

Back Yard

The backyard is where you and your family are most likely spending the majority of your outdoor time. You can use hardscapes construction to transform a dull backyard into a family-friendly place to hang out. Here are some hardscape ideas to get you started.

  • Don’t forget the firepit.It doesn’t have to be a firepit, either. It can be a fireplace just as easily, and the vertical interest of fireplaces can be stunning in the otherwise flat landscape of the backyard. You’ll want to spend time out here talking, having a drink, playing games, or enjoying a meal.
  • Build a pergola.One of the best hardscape ideas for the back yard is the architecturally-interesting pergola. These offer some shade, demarcate a space for eating or gathering, and can be dressed up with canopies or lighting.
  • Do something with your retaining wall.Retaining walls may be a necessary feature of your backyard, but that doesn’t mean you can’t utilize them strategically in your hardscape designs. Your retaining wall can be built with natural stone and used around water features to mimic a true wilderness look. Or, you can use the wall to define a particular area, such as an outdoor kitchen, seating area, or firepit.

These are just a few ideas for making your outdoor space more friendly and welcoming. Hardscape ideas can transform your home’s value and curb appeal. The value doesn’t stop there, though. Transforming hardscaping also means increasing the personal value of your spaces by providing places for your family to live and love that you’ll enjoy together for years to come.

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