Seniors May Be Lying About Dangerous Falls


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Aging Americans may be keeping important information from their doctor, according to a Jan. 27 HealthDay News article. Over 50% of seniors may hide slips and falls from physicians, fearing they will ask them to move into a nursing home. This may seem like an innocent white lie, but it can actually put U.S. men and women 65 and up in danger. “Having had one fall puts seniors at higher risk for having another fall,” HealthDay News explains.

What’s more, many seniors are guilty of all-or-nothing or black-and-white thinking. Many believe they can either live at home or “be doomed” to a nursing home or assisted living facility. The vast majority are not confined to these two options. In fact, senior living communities may be a great way for seniors, families, and doctors to meet in the middle.

Independent Living Solutions Promote Safety And Health

Most independent living centers or communities are similar to (and sometimes nearly indistinguishable from) most neighborhoods. There is one main difference: in order to rent senior living apartments, residents must be 55 or older. Some communities or apartments may have optional amenities and services as well. For example, if seniors choose a fully furnished apartment, staff will meticulously inspect the apartment for tripping hazards prior to move-in. Inspectors will identify hazards and problem areas like area rugs, loose, dangling cords, and/or uneven surfaces — and management will do something about it ASAP.

Many independent living communities have a fitness center; some also have a swimming pool and/or tennis courts. Easy access to gym equipment is critical, especially consider that only 22% of seniors exercise regularly. According to The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), a light to moderate exercise routine can significantly reduce seniors’ likelihood of falls and injuries.

Americans are living longer, and — in spite of common misconceptions — U.S. men and women 65 and older have more options than ever before. Senior living apartments and communities have important amenities, like on-site gyms, and units afford a safe, independent living space. See more.

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