Renting A Backyard Tent Just Made You Cooler


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Maybe you’ve been to a wedding or a party that had one. Maybe you haven’t but you’ve seen one in the movies. They’ve been around for years and somehow figure into transforming what would otherwise be a boring outdoor space into a magical space for a wedding reception, anniversary party, or simple summer gathering. You name the event and a sailcloth tent will make it an elegant affair.

Sailcloth tents are inspired by the sea and have become the go-to item for brides and event planners all across the country. They are so versatile and can cover a large area without being too heavy and saggy. The provide shade from the sun and protection from the elements if your beautiful day turns into a soggy afternoon shower.

Aside from the basics of the sailcloth tent, companies who furnish them will also offer fun tent accessories to go with them. With the aid of LED furniture and other lighting elements, you can pull off as many different themes as there are reasons to have a backyard party in the first place.

Most often, sailcloth tents are used for outdoor weddings or receptions. Sometimes they are used for both the wedding and the reception following. There are no real rules. The point is that you can make the occasion, whatever it may be, as unique and special as you like. A sailcloth tent with fun tent accessories creates a beautiful party atmosphere.

Sailcloth tents are nautically inspired tents made of white, translucent material that is as sturdy as a sail on a tall ship and as lovely to look at as a J.M.W Turner painting. Durable and waterproof, they come with natural wooden poles. The poles have rounded ends and as the cloth lays on the support poles they create beautiful peaks. The look of the tent is at once comforting and exciting. It is truly a unique experience.

All parties, whether they are weddings, anniversaries, bar/bat mitzvahs or sweet sixteen occasions, tables, chairs, and other accessories must also be furnished. Wedding and party rentals typically come in packages and depending on what types of packages you choose, your party could go on with a tent with the basics or a tent with fun tent accessories.

Table rentals, chair rentals, and fun tent accessories should not be too difficult to obtain. Most good rental companies have these things in stock. Make sure you plan well in advance, but the right company should have all you need. Perhaps the most vital person to have around while planning would be a good party planner. This person can assure that all of your dreams sail on perfectly under your beautiful sailcloth tent.

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