Remember Floral Gifts for These Non Traditional Events



Flowers are a timeless gift. They have been given to signify love, celebration, and sympathy for years. Flowers are commonly given as gifts on Mother?s Day, Valentine?s Day, Easter Sunday, and during wedding celebrations. Flowers also make a great gift for less traditional holidays and celebrations. Remember fresh flowers and floral arrangements for these memorable events.

Graduation flowers

Summer is filled with weddings and graduations. Flowers currently make up 7 to 8% of a typical wedding budget. Because flowers are so popular during wedding season, you can find numerous fresh flower suppliers. A lot of colorful flowers also tend to be in season during the summer months. With this ease of purchasing flowers, why not give your favorite graduate a bouquet of graduation flowers too? There are so many options to choose from that you can create almost any bouquet imaginable. Consider filling graduation flowers with the graduate?s favorite colors or the colors of their graduating school. Fill the student?s graduation party with large vases of the same flowers or create unique floral arrangements for an easy party centerpiece.

Wedding anniversary flowers

Flowers are a great wedding anniversary present. They are perfect for either the groom or the bride. Men, in fact, like to receive flowers too. The American Society of Florists reveals that 36% of women surveyed purchased Valentine?s flowers for their spouse. Remind your spouse of your wonderful wedding day by recreating a similar bouquet of the flowers used at the wedding. The flowers can be placed in a new vase and showcased in the house for weeks to come. Flowers are often thought of as a romantic gesture. What is more romantic than celebrating a long marriage with your spouse?

House warming party flowers

House warming parties are also fairly common during the summer months. The spring season is extremely common for buying and selling, thus increasing the number of new home buyers. Guests often do not know what to purchase for a home warming party. They have not yet seen the house and may not know what items are needed. Flowers can be the perfect gift when you are unsure of what else to purchase. They freshen up a house and make it feel more welcoming. Some flowers can even be planted into the yard for a longer lifespan. Your host will appreciate the thoughtful gift of fresh flowers.

Get well flowers

Flowers represent health and happiness, making them perfect for someone who is ill. Additionally, when someone is ill, they do not get as much time outdoors. Flowers bring the outdoors inside and freshen up an otherwise dark room. Floral get well ideas include bright roses, yellow dandelions, and fresh smelling tulips. Otherwise, consider gifting flowers that require little upkeep, especially if the person is residing in a hospital setting for a long period of time.

Just because flowers

For some reason, just because flowers tend to be the best type of flower. They are unexpected and they really express the thought of the gift giver. While some people expect gifts on holidays and celebratory days, flowers are never expected on a random day. Consider gifting flowers to your favorite barista to brighten their day. Give a bouquet of flowers to your delivery person, for their constant hard work. Pick up a potted floral basket for your girlfriend on the way home from work. Their response will be worth every dollar spent.

Flowers have been given as gifts for many years. In fact, there are depictions that the arrangements of flower bouquets date back to as early as 2500 B.C. While people have come to expect flowers in weddings and on holidays like Mother?s Day, remember that flowers also make great gifts for other celebratory events. Gift graduation flowers, anniversary flowers, get well flowers, and just because flowers.

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