Protecting Your Loved One With a Cane


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Whether you’re looking for a cane for your father or grandfather, you will be able to provide them with the security they need. One in four adults falls each year in the United States, making a walking stick non-negotiable for your loved one. 10.2 percent of Americans who are 65 or older use a cane. Over one-fifth, approximately 22 percent, of people who use canes say osteoarthritis is the culprit of their limited mobility.

Approximately 50 percent of falls occur at home among older adults. Because of such a high number, over two million senior citizens visit an emergency room due to injuries in result from a fall. The two common causes for the elderly to endure several falls is because of dizziness or unsteadiness as they stand up or while they are walking. Every 11 seconds an elderly patient is treated in an emergency room for a fall.

You Will Feel at Ease
It’s only natural that you will do whatever you can to ensure your loved one stays safe. With the alarming statistics of older adults falling, you just want peace of mind that your family member will be safe while they are alone. There’s nothing worse than a guilty feeling of leaving your father or grandfather alone when you know something could happen. Luckily, a cane can allow you to relax while you’re away as you know your family member will be able to get around with no issues.

Variety of Canes
Luckily, canes are coming a long way. With such a large selection, you will be able to choose from either palm grip canes, folding canes, umbrella cane, carbon fiber cane, brass cane handles, and even special canes for tall men. If your family member isn’t jumping for joy over his new cane, you can look towards decorative canes to try and match his style a bit better. There are even classy canes to choose from.

You may think that finding canes for tall men may be a daunting task. Luckily that’s not the case with several styles of canes for sale. Although your loved one may not be ecstatic over this new transition, he will be loving his seat stick soon enough.

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