Private Schools Vs Public Schools Framing the Debate


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Parents are often faced with a difficult decision at the start of every school year: Does their child need to go to a public school or a private school? The answer is at the heart of what every parent dreams for their child. A public school has benefits. But a private school does too.

Every parent knows that public schools have benefits. They are free, for one. There is no annual tuition paid, no books to buy, rarely any items to purchase at home to continue their child’s education. They have a less strict dress code than many private schools. They can have well-educated teachers and a principal who influences the school positively.

Every parent knows that public schools have difficulties as well. Their child may be faced with a lack of resources. Those resources may include desks, tables, electronic equipment, sports equipment, and more. The teachers may not be well-educated. Their child may not learn as well as they would in private schools.

Every parent knows that public schools pose those benefits and difficulties. There is a balance between financial benefits versus possible educational difficulties. Sometimes this issue is a no-brainer. Parents may just struggle with their finances so much that sending a child to private school cannot happen.

Every parent knows that private schools have benefits. They may be in a safer learning environment. They may have better-educated teachers than the teachers in public schools. They may have more equipment and resources available. These equipment and resources include books, electronic equipment, sports equipment, and more.

Every parent knows that private schools have difficulties. For parents, the difficulty with public schools comes with the price. Sometimes the price to attend a private school is thousands of dollars per year. Sometimes it is more. There is also the issue of strictness of dress code. Private schools generally require uniforms.

Every parent knows that some private schools have a religious affiliation. That may include Christian denominations or the Roman Catholic faith. The religious private high school may have religious ceremonies such as Catholic mass or penance. The parent might not be a part of that religion.

For the child, going to a religious school might mean influence through the religion. The parent might not want this and chooses to send their child to public school instead. There are pros and cons to both public schools and private schools. But private schools have an additional benefit. More active day schools.

Technically, both public schools and private schools are day schools. The children are dropped off for the day, given an education, sometimes physical activities, lunch, and are picked up at the end of the day by their parents. It is possible that private schools have more active day schools (and after schools) as they have resources available.

There are certain statistics about private schools.

  • Private schools have nearly 1.5 times as much of their enrollment in large cities compared to public schools.
  • There are 30,861 private schools in the United States, serving 5.3 million PK-12 students.
  • Ninety-six percent of all private schools in 2011?12 were coeducational, while 2 percent enrolled all girls and 2 percent enrolled all boys.
  • Parents of 80 percent of students enrolled in a religious private school in 2011-12 and 82 percent of students in other private schools reported being ?very satisfied? with their child?s school.
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The day schools in private schools tend to have activities that are based around a student going to college. Day schools in private schools are very “prep” oriented. The “prep” means that they are preparing the students for a life of education after they graduate from the school. This means college, grad school, trade school, or another.

The best day schools create a mix of activities that stimulate the minds of the students. The best day schools, best middle schools, and best prep schools all further a child’s education by teaching them subjects in an effective way. There are many ways to search for the best schools.

Search terms like “best preschools,” “best private schools,” “performing arts high schools,” “benefits of prep schools,” “advantages of attending private schools,” and more can help someone find the school they are looking for. There is a debate between public schools and private schools that will not be resolved any time soon.

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