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Take John Brown. As someone living with a serious illness that disrupts his sleep, John Brown has taken it upon himself to investigate all the different ways his environmental factors influence the amount he sleeps. It is a problem that ails many Americans, he knows, so much so that sleep doctors and other sleep techniques have been on the rise.

John sleeps six to 11 hours per night, with that number varying pretty wildly from time to time. During the times that John gets six hours of sleep, he feel incredibly groggy. His concentration suffers, his ability to communicate is impaired, he threatens to fall asleep at the wheel while driving.

When John gets 11 hours of sleep, he often finds himself feeling lethargic. He has a relatively muddled mind, compared to the good amount of sleep, which he tracks as well, but he cannot get over the fact that he feels physically exhausted and is struggled to keep up with work demands.

In both cases, John needs a cup of tea to get himself going in the morning. He often drinks this at his desk while he is just sitting there preparing himself for the work day. That little kicks alters his sleep the following night. He is jittery throughout the day, his thoughts move a little faster than he would like, and he has trouble falling asleep.

However, when John gets the recommended amount of sleep–between seven and nine hours per night–he wakes up with a clear mind and a great deal of energy that is neither sedate nor jittery. He feels well. That seven to nine hours sleep has given him a new breath in terms of his day to day life. He is ready for work. He is prepared mentally.

John Brown may be a fictional character but his struggle is seen in every day America where 42% of adults get less than the recommended amount of sleep, which is between seven and nine hours. They struggle with every day tasks and responsibilities due to their lack of sleep, often sleeping at inopportune times and struggling to get buy.

Their responsibilities are of course part of what keeps them in that struggle. The demands of work, which sometimes runs into the late evening, demands of children and raising children, demands of being a father and a husband or a wife and a mother, all contribute to the lack of sleep Americans are getting.

Fortunately, for more Americans that are struggling with the sleep deficit that is building up year after year, there has been a greater study of sleep patterns and scientists and lay practitioners have come up with a series of solutions to alleviate sleep problems through what is called sleep hygiene.

Sleep hygiene is fairly straightforward. The idea is that you, as a person, have certain needs before going to sleep. This can mean finding a relaxing song to play or shutting off the television early or drinking a cup of hot, decaf tea. It can mean putting in fresh sheets, as comfortable sheets are important to 85% of Americans.

Or taking a hot shower before bedtime. However, some Americans suffer from sleep issues even after going through all the different ways to get themselves relaxed enough to fall asleep. Those Americans may see themselves in a struggle they will never break. However, some choose as a final method organic sheets and comforters and find themselves better.

Organic, the term, is typically associated with food. However, it applies to any material that is grown naturally and free of pesticides. When it comes to organic sheets and comforters, it is the cotton inside that is free of pesticides and herbicides. They are grown organically and they are chemical free as a result.

Organic bedding comes in many forms: Organic king sheets, organic queen sheets, organic mattress pads, organic twin sheets, and more. Organic sheets are promoted as important for young children, as they are pesticide free and won’t harm a baby through chemicals. The mattress pad is something that is important to family members.

Mattress pads protect against spills and bodily fluid leakage. Mattress pads also protect against bed bugs and other nighttime critters. Mattress pads can give an ease while you sleep, as will the other products.

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