Not All Beds Are Created Equal


King adjustable bed

Is Your Bed the Right Bed for You?

“Well sure,” you’re thinking, “it’s comfortable, I sleep pretty well in it.” But are you getting the best night’s sleep you can? Do you have a sleep system bed? An adjustable electric bed that allows you to position your self for maximum sleep comfort and depth? If not, why?

Did You Know That Lying in Bed for Longer than 20 Minutes, Not Sleeping, Can Actually Make it Harder to Fall Asleep?

Regular beds keep you awake longer, tossing and turing, trying to get settled, while a sleep system bed allows one to fall asleep much faster. Studies conducted by the National Sleep Foundation (N.S.F.), have found that an adjustable bed can help to take pressure off of body areas that can make sleep less comfortable.

Falling asleep faster, plus more comfortable sleep equals better sleep.

Did You Know That Even Just a Slight Pitch at the Top or Bottom of a Bed can Prevent One from Bending Their Legs or Curling Up, Stopping a Leading Cause of Unwanted Pain?

Electric adjustable beds will allow the top half of your body — your back, neck, and head — to be more fully supported, as if you were seated in a couch or chair, yet you will be able to remain in your sleep system bed. According to the N.S.F., most sleep lack caused by medical issues are caused by TMJ, headaches, and back and neck pain. When you are able to sleep with your upper body given more support — as with all styles of adjustable beds — you take away the source of these issues, again, allowing for deeper, better sleep.

Why do we toss and turn?

When we sleep, we toss and turn, changing positions to try and relieve the tension and pain that is caused by uncomfortable sleeping positions. When we sleep in an adjustable sleep system bed, we are able to set the bed to the position that suits us, rather than trying to conform our bodies to the bed. Whatever your needs, there are a many types of adjustable beds from which to choose. Twin to king, height adjustable beds, adjustable memory foam beds, and luxury adjustable beds are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to choice.

Craftmatic® Adjustable Beds equipped with optional heat and massage also may provide temporary relief from: • Low Back Pain • Minor Aches and Pains Due to Muscular Fatigue or Overexertion • Edema or Swelling of the Legs • Poor Local Blood Circulation of the Legs • Symptoms of Hiatus Hernia • Nighttime Heartburn • Symptoms of Gastric Reflux • The optional heating accessory provides temporary relief from Mild Arthritis and Joint Pain, as well as Muscle Pain Associated with Stress and Tension • Sleeping in an upright position may Reduce or Ease Light and Occasional Snoring

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