My Family Member May Have Dementia Do They Need To Live At An Assisted Living Facility?


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When you search for ‘assisted living near me’ it can almost feel like defeat. Admitting a member of your family may need the assistance of a nursing home is a difficult decision for both parties. It involves relocation to a new community, personal admittance of mobility issues and an acknowledgement of an entirely new path in life neither person may be ready to take. What may help for you to know is that assisted living facilities are neither far removed nor virtual cages. They’re helpful communities staffed by medical professionals that encourage the elderly and those with disabilities to live a high-quality life without fear.

The more common questions families have about the transition from their home to a nursing facility will be answered below.

What Is An Assisted Living Facility?

More commonly known as a nursing home, an assisted living facility is a community that helps people with different physical and mental needs live their best life. America’s rapidly aging population is seeing a direct inverse in people that need the aid of an assisted living facility, with some estimates expecting 20% of American adults to exceed 65 years old in just a few decades. Learning about how an assisted living facility functions can take away some of the understandable fear that comes with looking up ‘assisted living near me’.

Why Do People Need Assisted Living Facilities?

Although elderly populations make up the largest amount of people who rely on nursing homes to reach a high quality of life, assisted living facilities also support people with mental or physical disabilities. Mobility issues can keep many from living independently and doing what they enjoy, such as hobbies or maintaining their career, while dementia can make even basic tasks highly difficult. Assisted living facilities make life easier for both the person in question as well as the family.

What Are Common Physical Issues Treated In Nursing Homes?

Alzheimer’s and various stages of dementia are some of the most debilitating conditions facing elderly populations today. Unable to be slowed down, cured or treated, many families find themselves deeply shaken when they discover a loved one is struggling with the first few signs of the disease. When you look up ‘nursing homes near me’, however, you’re looking for the best possible resource in combating the onset of dementia. Medical professionals are well-versed in minor to severe symptoms and are able to help elderly persons with Alzheimer’s live comfortably.

What Else Can I Expect From Assisted Living Near Me?

The function of a senior living home is to supplement the basic needs of the residents while still encouraging a high rate of independence much like they would while living on their own. Nursing staff can assist with daily tasks like dressing, undressing, bathing and eating. Community events, such as traveling, painting and book clubs, are established to help everyone feel more at home. More complex cases that involve debilitating illness will have around-the-clock medical staff to ensure they remain as healthy as possible.

Does My Family Member Need Assisted Living?

Not everyone requires the aid of an assisted living home. If your loved one is starting to display signs of dementia or is having a difficult time living their day-to-day life due to mobility issues, it’s more than possible a transition to a nursing home will be required. Rather than fear being cut off from one you love view this as the next stage of a long and comfortable life, with daily resources and medical staff available at all times to take away the uncertainty of the aging process. An assisted living directory can give you a personal tour or a basic guide on what you should expect from any one facility.

When you look up ‘assisted living near me’, view it not as a personal failure but as the next step on a long and loving journey.

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