More Buyers Want New, Energy-Efficient Homes


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Are you in the market for an energy efficient home with semi-custom designs in Georgia or South Carolina? If you?re looking for a semi-custom designed home, then chances are you?re not looking for your cookie-cutter, run-of-the-mill suburban base-model home. Chances are, you?re looking for something with a bit more character, something that will be a reflection of your own, unique personality. What about building your dream home? If this is you, consider yourself lucky. Maybe buying a new home from a builder is your best choice. There are new home builders standing by ready to help you discover your dream home, without breaking the bank.

When buying a home, a large chunk, approximately 50-percent, of the population opts to buy a brand new home. 28-percent of those people are looking to purchase a home from a builders, while 27-percent of those people are building their dream home on a chunk of their own land. Even recent studies have been conducted that prove that Americans prefer buying newly built homes over existing homes. Opting of custom-built or semi-custom built designs is all the rage. People desire that unique, special home that will stand out from the crowd. One great way to accomplish this is to build an energy efficient home.

Like semi-custom designs, energy efficiency is another growing trend around people buying a home from a builder or having a brand new home built from scratch. Energy efficiency is easily obtained by making simple building choices, like what type of windows you decide to put in. For example, there are three types of materials and window types desired by those who want to improve the energy efficiency of their home. These include energy-star rated windows, triple pan insulating glass, and low-e insulating glass.

So whether you?re buying a new home from a builder or having one built from scratch on a piece of land you love, consider a home that stands out from the rest. Consider a unique home with semi-custom designs and energy efficiency. There are a lot of ordinary homes for sale and enough cookie-cutter homes out there. You?re not cookie-cutter. You?re extraordinary. You need a house that is as well.

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