Marriage Advice- Does it Work?


Family counseling techniques

You have found “the one” and you are looking forward to your big wedding day. But what happens after all the glitz and glam of your special day? You and your new partner build a life together, filled with happy memories and children, but also the inevitable obstacles and challenges, fights, and concerns. You go through so many changes during this short period of time, that it is hard to process everything going on around you.

In order to overcome these difficulties as a couple, consider this marriage advice.

Tips for a Happy Marriage

  1. Participate in pre-marriage counseling.

    Typically, people get married after a few years of blissful dating, and do not consider the idea of pre-marriage counseling since they are not experiencing any issues. The problem is that no relationship is truly perfect. Each partner has their own fears and problems that must be addressed before they build up into bigger arguments that may lead to cracks in the relationship.

    In fact, you will have a 30% higher marital success rate if you undergo counseling with your partner than those who did not partake in counseling. A counselor has the ability to draw out any potential disagreements in a safe environment, before the big day occurs. This gives you and your partner a chance to hash out your differences, grow as a couple, and learn how to communicate effectively. The marriage advice gained from premarital counseling topics is undeniable and irreplaceable.

  2. Know when to see a couples counselor.

    Now that you are married, a lot has changed. You are learning how to live with your partner and their quirks and habits. You may have joint finances, and you are talking about future life events such as children. These new experiences, while many of them are happy, can add a tremendous amount of stress on each partner and, ultimately, the relationship.

    Before fights break out, it is crucial to obtain marriage advice from a therapist. One study found that 93% of couples receiving therapy learned more effective tools for communication and problem solving. With statistics like that, it is clear that couples counseling exercises really do work. Consider talking to a couples counselor right when you think a fight is about to happen, so you can learn these all important communication skills before the drama spirals out of control. You can also create effective strategies for stopping a fight before it even occurs.

  3. Remember your loved ones.

    Starting a life with someone also means multiplying your relatives. You now have parent-in-laws, new siblings, and new nieces and nephews. A lot of these individuals are going to look up to you and your spouse as role models for what a relationship should look like. You may also have children, who are very sensitive to experiences around them. They learn a lot from their parents, and you need to make sure you show them what a healthy relationship is.

    Parenting counseling will allow you and your partner to stay on the same page in regards to punishing and rewarding your children, while a family counselor will make sure everyone feels cared for and important. It is no secret that there are many divorces each year. In fact, these divorce proceedings involve more than 1 million children each year. Counseling for parents can decrease the chance you and your spouse have for divorce, and help your children comprehend and process a divorce should one occur.

If you found these tips helpful, consider discussing them with your spouse.

Although marriage advice is abundant on the internet and in books, there is nothing like seeing a couples counselor in person. Plus, you and your spouse are not the only ones who can benefit from seeing these therapists. Your children will have an easier time understanding relationships, and others who look up to you will benefit from learning effective communication skills.

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