Making the Most of Southern Climates With Lowcountry Homes


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For those ready to escape the harsh winter cold and desire to enjoy warm weather year round, southern areas of the country can offer protection from the ice and snow in lieu of high temperatures. However, for those who have previously never been a resident of a southern state, there are a few factors to consider before buying a new home.

Because some of the most desirable areas in the south are usually located in hot and humid areas, often close to coastal locations, lowcountry homes are built specifically to function under these conditions. With an abundance of windows, doors, and shaded or screened in outdoor porch and patio areas, these homes are designed to keep cool, while also offering the freedom of enjoying the warm climate. With many located close to bodies of water, they can be raised up on platforms or piers that will capture cool breezes, naturally lowering the temperature of the house to ideal levels.

Some of the most sought after locations for lowcountry homes, are located in the town of Bluffton, South Carolina. According to Forbes, Bluffton, SC boasts about their scenic waters, their warm climate, a reasonable state tax environment, low crime rates, highly walk-able and pedestrian friendly streets, as well as the average price of a home balancing out to an estimated $197,000.

Geographically speaking, this town is also located in a region that allows for easy travel to other popular visiting spots. Savanah, Georgia, for example, is on of the oldest historic towns in the state and is a top tourist attraction due to its classical architecture and devoted community. Savannah is only a quick 30 minute drive from Bluffton.

For those not familiar with southern climates, the maintenance of new homes in the region should not be a large concern. For instance, the Heyward house located in Bluffton has been standing strong since its construction in 1840, even though it was simply meant to be a summer home for a local plantation owner. It has incredibly managed to stand the test of time over the span of 170 years, remaining virtually the same as when it was built.

If you want to soak up the southern sun and enjoy the climate in comfort, lowcountry homes can be a great adjustment for newcomers. Finding a new community and a new town could be the first step in starting a new chapter in your life.

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