Maintain Your Independence in a Senior Living Community


What is an assisted living facility

You may know someone who is thinking about moving into an assisted living facility. It’s also possible that you may know someone currently living in a senior community. If you’re unaware of these communities, and are asking the question, “What is an assisted living facility?” then you may be interested to learn more about this retirement option.

In the United States, there are currently one million people living in senior living communities. By 2030, it is estimated there will be approximately two million people living in these types of communities.

Many seniors choose this option because they have one or more chronic conditions that require monitoring and assistance. Over three-fourths of the residents in assisted living facilities have experienced a minimum of two-out-of-the-ten most chronic conditions. These include high blood pressure, Alzheimer’s, and other forms of dementia.

Some residents may need assistance with daily living activities such as bathing and dressing, which are the most common. This is the case with four-out-of-ten residents in assisted living facilities. Furthermore, these senior communities have organized activities that provide enrichment and opportunities to socialize. It’s been shown that the happiest retirees are the ones that become involved with three or more activities on a regular basis.

Assisted living for seniors is an excellent option for individuals that enjoy and want to continue their independence. When long-term care isn’t needed, this type of living arrangement can be a welcome option. A recent reader survey conducted by Money revealed that 48% of retirees were happier than they expected to be during their retirement. One of the many reasons for this, according to 81% of the participants, was having good health.

A recent Genworth Financial study revealed that over half of all the participants claimed their greatest fear was being a burden. These individuals stated that they don’t want their family to have to care of them during a long-term illness, surgical recovery, or an incapacitating accident.

When you ask the question, “What is an assisted living facility?” you may also want to know how the residents of these independent living communities feel about where they live. Holleran Consulting LLC held a conference in 2013 with 57,900 individuals from 36 states living in 265 different senior living communities. These residents shared the following about their overall satisfaction:

    Good or excellent experience: 89.3%
    Would recommend their community: 84.5%

Another customer satisfaction survey was conducted by National Research in 2012. The results of this survey showed that 60% of the residents visited two or more communities prior to choosing the one where they currently lived. Nearly half of these residents, at 44%, chose their current living situation because of its reputation. Location was the reason for 40% of the residents surveyed.

Since you’re asking the question, “What is an assisted living facility?” you may be interested in moving into one of these senior communities now or in the near future. If you’re 63, which is the average age of retirement in the United States, you may be currently focused on exploring your options. Choosing a senior living community may appeal to you for a variety of reasons, some of which are stated above.

As with the participants in the 2012 National Research customer satisfaction survey, you may want to visit a few different local communities before making a decision. If you have friends currently living in a senior community, then you can ask them about their experience.

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