Looking for Wooden Outdoor Furniture? Consider Amish Built Furniture


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Summertime means hanging out in the yard, having barbecues, playing games, and socializing, so no yard is complete without the right furniture. If you aren’t keen on furnishing your outdoor space with the same plastic brightly colored chairs and tables that dot your neighborhood, you might want to consider getting wooden outdoor furniture instead.

There is one group of people who are famous for crafting wooden outdoor furniture like Adirondack chairs, garages and sheds, and gazebos. You won’t find them in factories mass producing furniture, and if you live in the Northeastern United States (New York, Pennsylvania, and Ohio specifically), you might have seen them riding down the road in their horse drawn buggies; they are the Amish.

Amish furniture is known for its quality and the way they build it. There are basically two styles of Amish furniture: the Shaker style and the Mission style. Each of these have their own characteristics and styles, but all Amish furniture is built by hand. This opens up opportunity to buy custom furniture that suits you and your family’s specific needs. Outdoor wooden furniture made by the Amish can also vary based on the type of wood they use.

Rather than buying the same mass manufactured lawn furniture, outdoor wooden furniture might be a good fit for you. Amish built furniture can be custom and unique. Furthermore, wooden furniture can last much longer than the cheap plastic chairs and tables that people typically buy, which might not be able to hold up to the test of your kids and the rest of your family.

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