Learn Why Preschool Is Essential To Your Child’s Development


Why send your child to a day school? When children are especially young, perhaps from ages two to five and not quite old enough for kindergarten, parents may wonder whether it is appropriate to send their child to day care or preschool. The good news is that it’s absolutely appropriate to seek out pre-elementary education for your child, including the best private preschools in your area, and that’s backed by science.

Let’s Take a Look At the Facts

According to First Things First, “From birth to age five, a child’s brain develops more than at any other time in life.” In other words, “90% of brain growth happens before kindergarten.” That means it’s an incredibly vital time to make certain your child is enrolled in a structured learning program with teachers and peers to help them along the way.

Ever-Evolving, Comprehensive Education

Let’s take a moment to be realistic. You’re tired. Maybe you worked all day. Maybe you spent all day with your baby and you have mashed peas in your hair. Either way, kudos to you! It’s not easy. Counter-intuitively, the Internet and the overwhelming array of electronic resources at our disposal may actually make things more difficult. That’s where the best private schools and best private preschools come in.

Let them do the work for you. Let them keep tabs on the most current research about childhood cognitive and behavioral development and put that into practice for you. For example, hands-on science experiments are making a comeback for young children. Hands-on, tactile activities, like working with paint, foam, slime, and bubbles can calm your child and stimulate his or her imagination. Mix some science into the equation, and you have an activity that’s fun, stimulating, calming, and educational–an activity that pretty much has it all! The one downside is that there will be a considerable mess afterwards. Day schools research the best all-around science experiments for your child and take care of the clean-up for you!

Channel Your Child’s Energy in The Best Possible Way

If you haven’t already, brace yourself! Things are about to get jazzed up in your house! Although tiny tots learn basic motor skills such as climbing, jumping, kicking, and running as soon as 12 to 26 months, the good and bad news is that children ages three to five only get more adept at these skills. Basically, your kid can now run, jump, and play with even greater coordination!

What a great time to make sure they are involved in daily or weekly activities that regularly channel this energy in the best possible way. Day schools and preschools organize outdoor games like running, kick ball, tag, and more to ensure that your child gets their daily dose of exercise and develops their hand-eye coordination and physical prowess in the best possible environment.

Why send your child to a day school? The answers are plain. Your child’s brain is going through tremendous and vital development at these stages, you can easily ensure your child has the best and most current education for his or her age range, and you can help your child get exercise and expend energy in the most constructive way.

Why send your child to a day school? Because you love children, and science shows that is what’s best for your kids.

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