I’ve Lost A Loved One And Don’t Know What To Do Who Can Help Me With Funeral Arrangements?


Planning a funeral isn’t like planning anything else.

You’re trying to figure out how to move ahead in a world that’s changed exponentially. It can sometimes feel nobody else understands how you feel, much less create a send-off that’s meaningful and affordable. Losing a loved one looks different for everyone, but affordable cremation services can make this process a little smoother. There are experienced funeral planners who can help you figure out the best way to honor your loss, from setting up cremation services to helping you plan out the gathering.

Everyone needs a helping hand up at some point. Learn more about planning a funeral by reading below.

The History Of Cremation

Funeral services look different depending on the culture and the time period. Cremation has its own unique history in the United States and, believe it or not, wasn’t as common as it is today. According to records cremation was illegal in the country up until the late 1800’s. By the time 2016 arrived it rose from being an illegal ceremony to being the preferred method of planning a funeral in North America.

Funerals In The United States

Planning a funeral is a difficult and time-consuming process. The average life expectancy in the United States today is around 80 years and, due to the rise in the elderly population, attitudes toward funeral arrangements are going to see more changes. Affordable cremation services have been more and more coveted, as the loss of a loved one is made all the harder with the onset of a high price.

American Perspectives On Funerals

Just like the state of funerals has changed over the years, so too have American attitudes. A survey was conducted back in 2017 to better analyze the general attitudes of the population, finding the personal preferences of Americans over the age of 40 actively preferring cremation for more than just price. The year 2016 saw the most cremations performed than any other point in American history. An additional study found just under 40% of Americans feeling religion to be an important part of the funeral process.

Preparing For The Future

While this can seem difficult to think about, planning out what you would rather have done after your death can save your family and friends some difficulties should the worst come to pass. The National Funeral Directors Association’s survey conducted back in 2017 revealed a little over 60% of consumers feeling it was important to communicate funeral plans and wishes prior to their own death. Despite this, just 20% had actually gone through the effort to finalize this.

Planning A Funeral With Help

There’s no reason to go through this difficult period in your life alone. When you want to make sure your loved one is receiving the respect and appreciation they deserve, planning a funeral with help will help your dream see fruition. They will offer you a range of prices on low-cost funeral and cremation services as well as help you draft out the procession itself. This can include setting up the room, creating a speech and putting together videos, among other things. A helping hand is a factor of life, even when it can feel easier to be alone in the matter.

Let a professional help you during this difficult time so you and your family can move forward again.

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