Is Your Child Starting Preschool Next Fall?


You wish that you would have known about Montessori when you were young. You wish that you would have learned about decimals and fractions in a classroom that used manipulatives. If you had, you likely would not have been so quick to decide that you were a better writer than a mathematician. A better speller than scientist. Once you did discover the Montessori world for your own children, however, you still wished that you would have learned about it sooner. It made you regret all of the money that you spent on expensive toys that played music and bombarded the senses with loud music. This educational discovery made you wish that you would have presented a more simple and orderly space for your children.

Educational philosophies can vary greatly, but if you are in the middle of searching and finding a good preschool it is likely that you should take time to investigate the Montessori philosophy. In a time when even the Silicon Valley gurus are limiting, and sometimes eliminating, the use of technology for their young children, there are many reasons for avoiding the one on one technology that many school districts, summer camps, and even the most expensive private preschools are offering.

Educational Experts Continue to Expound Upon the Benefits of Play and Technology Free Classrooms
In today’s test driven society, it can be refreshing to find a classroom for your child that focuses on play, peer interaction, and grit. When students see their work as something that is fun they need no further motivation to learn. When students are taught to work for their own satisfaction instead of grades, they develop a motivation that will carry them through years of school, including college.

Finding a good preschool for your child is one of the first steps toward creating a successful child. Not every decision, however, has to involve a rigorous, technology filled curriculum. In fact, studies are showing that there are many approaches that can help your child succeed later in life. If you are looking for a school that encourages students to work independently and learn for their own purposes you might do well to introduce your child to a Montessori classroom where children are guided, not taught in the traditional format.
In a time when only 20% of homes have parks within a half-mile, and about the same number have a fitness or recreation center within that distance it is important to find a preschool that will allow your child to enjoy the open space and fresh air of a playground. Private elementary schools with a focus on athletics and wellness can help kids stay active even if there homes are not close to easy to access activity. Save the technology for later and work on finding a good preschool that allows children to play outside and focus on their own motivational devices when they are in the classroom. Well appointed and specifically arranged Montessori shelves, for instance, allow children to learn at their own pace while being surrounded by multiage classmates.

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