Interested in Helping Disabled Veterans and Military Families? Here are Four Easy Ways to Donate


Value of charitable donations

In the United States, there are millions of men and women who have served in our country’s military. However, many of these veterans have been injured during combat, and as a result, many have become disabled for life. In addition to injuries, many military families carry staggering amounts of debt due to the difficulty some veterans face in getting back into the civilian workforce and lifestyle. There may even be veterans in these situations in your own communities.

Fortunately, there are plenty of ways for helping disabled veterans and helping military families as well. By donating goods, time, and money to these individuals in need, you can ensure that the people who have taken care of us are also taken care of.

Need ideas for how to help? Check out these simple ideas below:

    1. Donate clothes. Everyone needs clothing, and clothing donations to those in need can help keep them warm during the cold months. Sometimes, many vets need help getting back to work, so professional clothing that you are no longer using is especially important in helping these men and women (and helping disabled veterans, too) find civilian jobs and transition to new careers. For those who are interested in helping military families, too, many of them have young children, and kids always need new clothing as they grow out of old garments. Be sure to give your old clothing to charity rather than throw it away.
    2. Donate food and household items. Do you have any canned goods, non-perishable items, or other supplies in your pantry that you don’t need? If so, there may be a food bank or community cupboard in your area that could use those donations. These charities provide food for military families, and they also supply homeless shelters where some vets may be staying. Small appliances and furniture are also excellent goods to donate.
    3. Donate time. For many of our former military members, finding food and shelter can be difficult. Find out if any of you area homeless shelters need help, especially if they serve veterans. See if clothing or food drives in your area need help with collecting or sorting donations. Many organizations also specialize in helping find affordable housing for veterans or other great resources, so see if you can participate in these activities.
    4. Donate money. Don’t have any spare items to give? That’s okay. Many charities that specialize in helping disabled veterans and military families can also use the money to continue their operations. Check to see which charities give the highest portions of their donations to their veterans first, though. Charitable donations of money can go toward the purchase of clothing, food, shelter, and other services for these vets.

Find out what your area organizations need and donate accordingly. Have questions about donating or other suggestions for helping? Leave a comment below.

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