Important Factors to Keep in Mind When Custom Building Your Home


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Building a home from scratch offers many benefits. When you purchase a home that has been lived in before, you are required to choose something that fits your needs, as close as possible. You may have to give up on some of your housing requirements. When you have your own house built, however, you can completely customize every single aspect of the home. Custom home builders create your dream house, with every single color and floor tile that you desire. There are a few things to keep in mind when planning your custom home.

Home size One of the first questions that your custom home builder is likely to ask you is your idea home size. This might include square footage, number of bathroom, number of bedrooms, and the size of specific living rooms. It may also include how much space you want left for your backyard living area. It is important to keep in mind utility costs when determining the best size of your custom home. Homes that are larger require more energy to properly heat and cool them. You are also likely to pay for construction by square foot, meaning than larger homes will cost significantly more to build.

The exterior look of your home The exterior of the home is the first that thing guests and neighbors will see. The exterior of the home is what will set the tone for the theme of the home. If you are looking for something more modern, for example, you might want newer styled roofs. The type and color of the roof will also affect the exterior painting scheme and materials. In normal circumstances, your roof should be inspected once or twice a year. This is even the case for newly built roofs.

The home?s roof should also be extremely durable and sturdy. One of the most important parts of a home is its roof. Commercial roofing companies can recommend the best materials to use for longevity. For example, a cool metal roof can reduce the energy costs associated with cooling the interior of a structure by up to 20% and reduce peak cooling demand by up to 15%. This translates into reduced heating and cooling costs for the home.

The layout of the home Choosing a layout that is both functional and appealing can be difficult for a new custom home builder. It may be beneficial to work with an engineer or interior designer, before finishing the plans for the interior of the home. You will want an interior that flows nicely and provides ease of access to each of the rooms. Depending on preferences, you may want the bedrooms to be on one single floor, or different floors, for more privacy.

Consider selling trends Although the point of a custom home builder is to create a home that reflects your personal style and preferences, you will want to keep resale value in mind. A surprising 35% of remodeled jobs involved the whole home (i.e. whole home renovations). When potential buyers feel like they have to completely remodel a home, they are likely to offer less. Keeping selling trends in mind when starting construction can help you to get more return on investment for your home.

Ensure all build work is approved Many home builders may attempt to complete jobs that they are not certified for in order to save money. It is, however, important to ensure that everything is done properly. This means pulling permits and have constant inspections completed. It might also include having construction site management at all times, to ensure that no corners are cut. Ensuring that everything is completed legally can save a lot of headache later on down the road.

Sometimes there is simply not a house on the market that meets all of your housing requirements. Custom home builders can provide buyers with their dream home, allowing them to choose every single aspect of it. However, it is important to keep things like size, energy costs, exterior and roofing materials, permits, and return on investment in mind when designing your custom built home.

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