How Window Treatments Can Save You Money

Saving money on our utilities is a goal that everyone has in mind when they wake up in the morning. Paying more to keep our houses warm in the winter and cool in the summer is something that seems to be getting heavier in the coin purse than it once was years ago. Utilities have gotten expensive and we are now looking for ways to save that won’t cost an arm and a leg.

Heating and cooling costs take up nearly 50% of your energy consumption throughout your home. According to the Natural Resources Defense Council, windows and doors create one-third of a home’s total thermal loss. Having custom window treatments in your home not only looks amazing but can keep your costs down and your house comfortable. There are all kinds of different draperies available depending on your style and what your budget is like. The more neutral colours you choose the less heat they will produce in the summertime. The thicker materials you use the more cool air you will block out in the winter. Having your windows covered by a professional will teach you all the neat tricks and tips you can use to save money over the years. Cellular shades can help to insulate windows like no other style can.

There are all kinds of automated blinds and draperies available if you are looking to update to a “smarter” home. You can get curtains for your living room that go up with a timer when the sun gets up or the click of a remote control. You have a wide variety of window treatment styles available to suit your needs like custom shutters, roller shades, roman shades, pleaded shutters, cellular shades and more. If you are looking for window coverings for your bedroom blackout panels are a huge hit with keeping the light out and the warmth in. Remote cellular shades are the latest in modern trends that will update your home in the best of ways.

You can get creative with your design and add fancy valances, ties and pulls to your new coverings that will add class to any room. There are multiple designs to choose from and you can create custom selections that are unique to you and your home.

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