How Virtual Showrooms Make it Easier to Buy Furniture


For most people, buying furniture is a big step. It’s not just the expense, though items like sofas and bedroom furniture tend to be big-ticket items. Your furniture says something about who you are and your sense of style and your values. It defines your home and the comfortable space you come home to everyday. It’s where you entertain your friends and family. That’s why when it comes to choosing a new coffee table or couch, it’s a good idea to do your homework. You’ll be living with your new furniture for a long time. Virtual showrooms make it easier to shop for the ideal furniture for your home.

Doing your homework
Your home is a reflection of your own true self. It’s where you can be comfortable, where you can entertain your family and friends. In a survey of more than 2,000 people, a majority of 67% said that they agreed that the furniture a person owns tells you a lot about them. And as many as 72.7% agreed that their furniture design was a reflection of their personality. This makes choosing the right furniture for every room, and even every corner, of your home an important decision.
Furniture is a big ticket item, which is another reason to do your homework before choosing a couch or dining room table. It’s also very lasting, and you’ll be living with your choice for a very long time. A survey of 2,000 shoppers found that nearly all, or 95.1% expected to live with their new furniture for many years. In some cases, period pieces like writing desks and velvet couches may become family heirlooms.

Identifying your style
Because buying furniture is a major decision, many people tend to put it off. Just about one-fifth of all Americans are happy with their home decor, according to a survey conducted by the home furnishings store Home Goods. But they tend not to do anything about it, and almost half, or 47% of all Americans haven’t updated their home decor and furniture in the past five years. Online shopping can change that, since it is now much easier to shop for furniture. Many furniture stores have virtual showrooms online, with different styles and designs for all kinds of furniture, from sofas and coffee tables to bedroom sets.
Many online stores list furniture for sale by style, so you can find an entire living room in a traditional style or a dining room in farmhouse comfort or a bedroom in shabby chic. This helps to identify your style, and to choose pieces accordingly. They also put their inventory online, so you can see what’s available at different locations. In fact, many people tend to first research styles and pieces online, and then visit the store to make a purchase.

Buying new furniture is a big decision, which is why many people tend to put it off. Many stores now have virtual showrooms, with furniture listed by room as well as by style. So you can find your ideal coffee table under industrial chic or a comfortable sofa in coastal chic. Once you’ve identified your style, it all falls into place.

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