How to Plan a Unique Wedding for the Ages


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Many girls dream of their wedding day at a young age; let’s face it, weddings are ultra romanticized and for good reason too. A wedding ought to be just as perfect as you imagine so long as you are willing to invest the time, effort, and money into it. There are roughly 2.4 million weddings performed in America every year. While every wedding ought to be just as unique as the couple celebrating it, there are wedding trends and designs that evolve year-by-year. Familiarizing yourself with some of the most popular styles, locations, and decor options can help you realize the wedding of your dreams.

Planning a Unique Wedding

Up to 30% of brides start planning their weddings for seven to 12 months in advance to ensure that every detail is covered. The most popular wedding month is June and about 53% of weddings take place in the afternoon. Many details revolve around the number of guests in attendance; as of 2014 the average couple invites about 136 guests to their wedding, as a general rule of thumb always expect 100% of invited guests to come to ensure that you have enough seats. Picking theme colors is a great way to organize wedding elements into a unified motif that shows a couple’s unique style.

Choosing From the Best Wedding Places

The location of a wedding ought to be a place of significance for both the bride and the groom. Many brides and grooms are leaving the chapels for more interesting or unusual venues that better reflect their personalities. Up to 35% of weddings take place in some of the most famous and best destination wedding places: some of the best wedding places include tropical beaches, scenic golf greens, and breathtaking mountain backdrops. It is advised that couples book their wedding sites as soon as possible to ensure that their location is reserved — experts recommend that couples do so at least a year to nine months before the actual wedding. For a wedding that is 100% you, choose from the growing list of unique wedding places to ensure that you wedding will be talked about for years to come.

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