How to Maximize Your Small Space with Organizational Furniture


When you are living in a small dorm room or studio apartment it can be difficult to avoid clutter and messy living spaces. Luckily, you don’t have to be stuck in a messy and cluttered apartment if you know how to find the right multifunctional furniture.

One of the best ways to clean up your clutter is to buy a few cube organizers. Cube organizers can double as a shelf for your books or crafts and hardly take up any space. You can choose between a three, five, six, or 9 cube organizer that can go against your wall and help you organize your space. After setting up the cube organizer in your living room or craft room, consider buying small bins that fit inside the cube to create a uniform and organized look. You even have the option of choosing between a black or white cube organizer that will go with the rest of your room aesthetic.

Another way to use a white cube organizer as a multifunctional piece of furniture is to turn it into a small coffee table. You will still be able to store blankets or books within the open spaces of the cube, and also have a minimalistic table to help you achieve a homey feel in your smaller space. Cube organizers create opportunities that you might not have with your original apartment setup. You can create a pantry in your kitchen with a large 12 cube organizer and storage bins.

In order to create a clean, decluttered living space, it is important to get as much stuff off the ground or out of sight as possible. If you have a closet, consider throwing a dresser in there instead of having it take up space in your bedroom. A closet organizer that can store shoes or accessories in a compact and neat way can also make a difference in your organization.

Having an organized home can help relieve stress and open up thinking space for creativity. You won’t feel embarrassed when having people over when all of your stuff is neatly put away in an organizer that doesn’t take up the entire room. Designing a comfortable living space in a small apartment can be tricky sometimes, but cube organizers will help take most of the stress away.

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