How to Get the Best Night’s Sleep


Adjustable beds

Many people find that getting a good’s night sleep is more difficult than it should be. Back pain, heartburn, and breathing problems can all be exacerbated by an uncomfortable bed. Couples may find that their comfort levels are incompatible with their partner’s, or that they need numerous pillows to be able to watch tv comfortably in bed. Fortunately, there are many adjustable bed mattresses available to solve all of these problems.

One of the biggest complaints people have about their beds is the lack of support. When sleeping on a flat surface, people unable to position themselves into a comfortable posture. This causes unnecessary stress on the spine, especially in the neck and upper back. By slightly inclining a mattress, this stress is alleviated, preventing morning back pain.

Adjustable bed systems are used to negate many other uncomfortable conditions that people experience when sleeping flat. By simply elevating the upper back, a person is able to prevent acid reflux, encourage deep breathing, and sit more comfortably while reading or watching tv without investing in a mountain of pillows. By elevating the feet, circulation is promoted, reducing instances of painful swelling in the feet and legs.

While many couples believe investing in a king or queen bed will solve all of their comfort issues, the simple fact remains that certain people have different standards of comfort. The firm mattress that allows one person to get a good night’s sleep may cause pain for their pillow-top preferring partner. Adjustable bed mattresses allow each person to set a level of softness that fits their individual needs without setting their partner’s as well.

Investing in an adjustable mattress is a great way to increase comfort, reduce pain, and wake up feeling refreshed every morning. Talk to your local salesperson to find out if an adjustable bed system is right for you.

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