How to Get the Best Discount Flowers For Your Wedding


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A study out of Emory University recently found a correlation between wedding cost and divorce rate. The correlation suggests that the more expensive a wedding, the more likely that the happy couple will part. So, how do you keep the cost of your wedding down without compromising the beautiful details? You can start by creating your wedding flowers on a budget.
Think Outside of the Box
Sure, red and white roses are pretty standard fare for for weddings. But what about asking the florist shop to really take some risks? A red rose symbolizes socialism and social democray. Those are nice conepts, but are they really appropriate for your wedding? Consider trying a flower that grows locally and is in season. For example, in Missouri, wild flowers grow beside all the highway and they are truly breathtaking. Queen Anne’s Lace is a beautiful substitute for baby’s breath and a tall bellflower is a beautiful substitute for a an orchid. The easiest way to get discount wedding flowers is to think about what is close, bountiful and in season.
Draw From Meaning to Guide You
Did you know that the Madonna Lilly is one of the oldest lilies, dating back to more than 3000 years ago? Perhaps when it comes to everlasting love, this is the right flower to pick. Lots of spring wedding flowers are affiliated with deeper meaning. For example, the dandelion is used to make wishes. A good wedding florist should get to know their clients and work with the special meaning they bring to the table.
Shop Around
There are more than 35,000 florist establishments in the United States. Many other what they consider to be “discount wedding flowers” but some will be more enjoyable to work with than others. Ask important questions about florist delivery and variety to decide which is best for you. Read more here.

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