How to Find a Vibrant Community When Buying a New Home


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Do you plan to move into a new home soon? Perhaps you’re looking into retirement living, or you want to move your family to a place with resort-like amenities. But it’s important not only to look at the house itself, but you’ll want to investigate the community that it’s in, as well.

Are you looking for the perfect place to call home? If you plan on moving into a new home soon, make sure you use these three tips to find a vibrant community for your family.

  • Research the type of home you’d like to buy. Any time you search through real estate for sale, you’ll want to look at all aspects of the listings. Not only will you need to think about the superficial features of a home (square footage, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, size of the yard, and other amenities), but you’ll also need to consider the homes surrounding it. Is there a comfortable distance between houses, or do you feel like your neighbors would be looking directly into your windows? Is there privacy in the backyard, or can you hear your neighbors’ conversations without having to make an effort to do so? Don’t forget to research all aspects of the home, and visit for a tour, too.
  • Look into the surrounding community. Most often, communities made up of brand new homes are in safe neighborhoods, and some even have gated security to keep residents safe. Many of these communities are also not far from shopping districts, business, and other amenities that home buyers are seeking. Be sure to research the area that you’re buying in thoroughly, including the details about the school district, so you’ll know whether it’s right for you and your family.
  • Meet with the neighbors. Finally, a truly vibrant community is only as lively as the people who live there. When you visit a neighborhood, see if you can contact the neighbors and ask them about their experience. If a community is particularly active, you might see if there are any events that neighbors host, from block parties to book clubs. This also allows parents to set up playdates, so their children can make new friends fast.

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