How to Enhance Curb Appeal in a Weekend


When it comes time to sell your home, it is often too late to make sure your house has the right curb appeal. Many smart homeowners therefore set aside time to make sure they get their home looking great for passersby well before they put it up for sale. However, if you’re in a time crunch, you may not have several weeks to get things looking great. Here are some ways you can make sure your home is looking great with the best possible curb appeal—in a single weekend.

Spruce up the Paint Job

As a real estate agent will confirm, he paint on your home is a lot like the clothing on your body. If it looks good, it can make you look great—and it can hide imperfections. Over time, paint tends to chip and peel. Underneath the chipping and pealing paint is usually something that will detract from your home’s curb appeal. So take a Saturday and tighten up that paint job. This doesn’t necessarily mean you have to paint your entire home. Not at all. You may be able to get away with simply touching up the front and sides of your home.

You will likely want to start with the more problematic areas. Any spots thwere the paint is coming off the home should be the number one areas you focus on. The first step in taking care of them is to peel and sand away any paint that is standing between you and the application of a nice, clean, smooth coat. You can get sand paper at your local home good store, and you will want to get several different grains so you can transition from a rougher exterior to a smooth one the paint will blend into.

Plant Some Mature Trees

While trees that already have some nice height to them are likely to cost a little more money, the instant curb appeal is worth it. As they stretch above the heads of potential buyers they have the effect of directing their eyes skyward, which accentuates the height of your home, giving it a more grandiose appearance. Also, trees nicely frame the overall look of your home for those who are observing it from the outside. The natural colors of your arboreal friends will likely complement the paint and trim on the outside of your house. You can get trees of various sizes and varieties at a home goods store, and they can be planted with just a little bit of elbow grease with the help of some friends.

Consult a Realtor About What Is Best for Your Neighborhood

When you look at homes for sale, a real estate agent is going to show you what he thinks you will be interested in. Property for sale in Reno Nevada, for instance, is going to be well-known by local realtors. Because they know what sells, they are in a great position to advise you what to do to give your home instant curb appeal. Real estate for sale can be instantly given more value with the right special touches. Here’s how to do it: Contact a realtor in the Nevada area and set up an appointment for a Saturday morning. Have him or her come through and walk around the property. You may want to join in the walk-around in order to take notes as he or she makes observations. You can take note of any suggestions the real estate agent has and then start thinking about how much it will cost to make them happen the next day, Sunday. Saturday afternoon and evening, you can go around getting the things you need to put into action all the things the realtor suggested. With this one-two punch approach, you’re able to get the info you need and take action right away.

Any real estate agent will tell you that 80% of residential growth will take place in suburban communities as the next 10 years go by. Curb appeal is of utmost important to suburban real estate buyers. In order to keep up with—and outsell—the Joneses, you will want to make sure your home is as pretty as it can be from the street. Take these tips and transform your curb appeal in a single weekend.

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