How to Decorate Without Losing Your Deposit


Apartment in reno

When moving into a new apartment, did you stop and think of all the ways it could be decorated? And then did you spend the rest of your lease with blank walls and empty spaces before moving out? Do not despair. It happens to just about everyone. Peppy interior decorators on T.V. would have us believe that it takes a little bit of time and money to transform a plain home into something amazing. Pinterest would have you believe that almost anything can be created with a glue gun, some old wooden pallets, and a splash of paint. This is not true in the slightest.

Apartment living can feel like a temporary situation; it is what they are meant for. On average, people move about 12 times throughout there life, so you likely will not be staying in one place long. But even a temporary living space can be personalized. Rental spaces can be unforgiving towards too many alterations, so the key is to find ways of personalizing the space that can be taken down easily when moving later.

You Don’t Have to Live With Boring Walls.

At some point, apartment complexes everywhere seemed to decide that white walls were the way to go. White walls are certainly not the worst color the walls could be painted. White does show marks though, and can feel a bit institutional. Painting the walls is probably out. You would end up painting twice, once for color and once when moving out. If you are part of the 33% of renters who move each year, that can feel like a lot of work.

Decorating does not need to feel like work. There are so many options out there today that were not available even 15 years ago. Wall decals and easy-to-remove wall paper will take up a small portion of a wall, and can be removed if you grow tired of the design. And there is always the old-school technique of hanging posters or art work. There are numerous pins on Pinterest of diagrams on how to hang pictures for a gallery wall, which takes up a wall.

What About the Little Things?

It is the little things that make a home. When moving, some people unpack only half-way, and leave treasured possessions in boxes on shelves. Do not be one of these people. Unpack your collectables, your snow globes or your awards and display them on shelves or in bookcases. Seeing the things you love will make your space more comfortable.

Home should feel like more than just a place to rest your head. It is a little sanctuary away from work and the outside world, and it is yours. Even if it is a temporary space like rental apartments, try to personalize it. It is six months, or a year or two out of your life, at least until you start the cycle of moving over again. Try to make each place memorable and comfortable. It is the only home you have right now, after all.

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