How Summer Camp Can Benefit Your Preschooler


There are over 30,000 private schools in the United States, and together they serve 5.3 million students from prekindergarten to grade 12. Private schools make up nearly a quarter of all American schools and 10% of all students are enrolled there. In recent years, interest in private preschool has gone up tremendously as parents see the benefits of preschool for their young children. In 1990, only 33% of three-year-olds attended a preschool. By 2012, 41% of three-year-olds were in some kind of pre-primary program. One of the benefits of finding a good preschool is access to summer camp. Many of the best private schools and preschools offer summer camp activities for their students and even prospective students. If you are thinking of sending your preschool age child to summer camp, or even if you aren’t, here is some great ways that summer camp can help your child.

Swimming Lessons

Swimming lessons are important for children, and young children especially. You’re never too young to learn the basics of water safety, and the American Academy of pediatrics believes that all children should learn to swim no later than the age of four. Some swimming lessons at summer camp might be good for your peace of mind as well. While you should never leave your child unattended near water, you have an extra layer of protection in case your tot wanders off and it takes you a moment to find them.

Social Skills

One of the biggest benefits of a day camp or summer camp experience is the opportunity for your child to practice his or her social skills. Unless you have other toddlers about the house, your preschooler may not have had a lot of opportunity to spend time with children of the same age. This provides an opportunity for children to interact with other children and learn to share, resolve difficulties, and take turns.

Get Away From Baby

Have you recently welcomed the new child into your life and family? Congratulations! Have you thought about how it’s affecting your preschooler? Having a new baby around the house can be quite difficult for a small child. Going off to summer camp will give them an opportunity to do something that is special just for them. This can help a lot if your toddler is feeling as if they’re always losing the battle for your time and attention to an infant.

Preschool Preparation

If your child will start preschool in the fall, going to a summer camp gives them a chance to experience a little bit of what they’re getting into. Although summer camp will be more about the fun, there is still structure to the day, rules to be followed, and the need to get ready and packed in the morning. Mastering these rituals will prepare them and you for the coming year.

Easier Separation

If you’re planning to begin school in the fall, one of the things you’ll have to face is separation anxiety. It can be a lot easier for your preschooler to separate at summer camp then at preschool. At preschool, teachers are harried, lots of children are upset, and things just don’t feel as “fun.” At summer camp, your child will arrive and see kids having fun and the potential for great activities, such as swimming. This can make it just a bit easier to make that break.

Whatever reason you have for sending your child to summer camp, just make sure you do it. Your child will benefit, you’ll have some time to yourself, and you’ll all get ready for the school year to come.

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