How RVs are Revolutionizing Camping and Road Trips


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A mere estimated 8.5% of all American households currently own recreational vehicles. However, research shows that this number is likely to increase: for example, an estimated 27% of previous RV owners plan to purchase another recreational vehicle in the near future. Moreover, a number of people use rental campers to experience the benefits of traveling in a RV without paying the full price of a typical RV for sale. But why are recreational vehicles so popular? The answer can likely be found in the way these vehicles are revolutionizing two classic American leisure activities: camping and road trips.

Individuals who take regular camping trips in the United States make an average of 4.33 camping excursions each year. However, these people account for only part of American camping culture: in 2012, Americans spent an estimated 534.9 million days camping in the U.S., and in 2013, an estimated total of 43 million Americans went camping. An estimated 50% of these campers planned their camping trip at least one month in advance, and an estimated 67% camped on public campgrounds. And due to the increasing availability of spaces available for RV trailers, small campers, and even luxury RVs at these public campgrounds, more people are investing in rental campers or new campers for sale to enhance their camping or traveling experience.

Recreational vehicles are valued primarily for allowing individuals to travel in comfort, by offering access to a amenities which typically include a bathroom, television, and comfortable seating. However, RVs also have the potential to improve camping as a whole: they offer additional storage spaces, places to stock and prepare food, and protect your belongings and family from unexpected weather conditions. Over the course of long trips, RVs are also valued because they remove the need to pay for hotels and can help cut down on periodic breaks. So if you’re interested in testing out rental campers or perhaps buying your own, don’t wait: contact a RV dealer in your area today. Continue.

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