How Many Times Have You Moved in Your Life?


This is going to one of the biggest transitions of your life. Now that both of your daughters are away at college, you and your husband have made the decision to move to a new home. Your family has loved the two story home with a walk out basement where you have raised your family. At this time in your life, however, the stairs are becoming a burden and there simply is too much space to maintain. Although you want to still have a welcoming home for your daughters when they come home from school and stay for long breaks, a new updated ranch home will allow you do this. In fact, the new home floor plan that you are looking at will create a much better space for all of these returns.

The transition of moving from your home of 22 years, however, will be extensive. With more than 100,000 square feet in your current home, there are nooks and crannies filled with family memories. Because of the luxury of space, you have rarely needed to clean things out. For this move, however, you are going to be forced to go through each of those nooks and every one of those crannies and make decisions about what you will keep and what you will throw.

As soon as the sorting process has occurred, the next most important step will be the decision about hiring residential moving services to help with this important life transition.

Are You Getting Ready to Move Out of Your Long Time Family Home?
Statistics show that the average American moves about 12 times in their life. If you are one of those who are getting ready to move in the near future then you likely know that challenge of finding the right residential moving services to help with your transition. And while there are often many different options, finding the right moving services often requires a great deal of patience and research. Consider some of these facts and figures about the moving industry and the impact that this industry has on the economy of the nation:

  • The average cost of an intrastate move, which is moving to another place within your current state, is $1,170, according to the American Moving and Storage Association.
  • 33% of renters move every year.
  • 57% of adults have not lived outside their current home state in the U.S. In comparison, there are 15% of adults who have lived in four or more states.
  • 63% of adults have moved to a new community at least once in their lives, while 37% have never left their hometowns.
  • 23% of American born adults indicate that the place they consider home in their heart is not where they are currently living. Among those who have lived in two or more communities, as many as 38% indicate that they are not living in their “heart home” now.
  • Once you have decided to move, there are many steps that you need to follow through on. For instance, if you do not submit a change of address 14 days prior to your move your mail may end up in the wrong hands. This confusion can cause your personal information to be compromised should others get your mail without your knowledge.

Residential moving services provide assistance to people who are in the most important transitions of their lives. Knowing that your possessions will be carefully moved from one location to the next can help you get ready for the future in your new place.

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