How Donation Pickup Services are Changing the Way People Give Back to Their Community


Clothing drop off

In 2015, there is a “life hack” for just about anything and everything. With the advancements in technology brought upon by instant communication through social media, being privy to the latest and greatest ways of getting things done is now easier than ever.

Donating is no different, and with the holiday season just around the corner, there is no better time to give back to your community than now. Americans send about 10.5 million tons of clothing to their local city dump every single year, and much of that can easily be recycled and reused by a family in desperate need of help and support during the holidays. In fact, almost 100% of household textiles and clothing can be recycled, regardless of quality of condition, so there’s really no excuse to wastefully throw old clothing away.

These days, you don’t even have to leave your home to help the less fortunate. There are now charities that will pick up clothing donations directly from your house. You don’t have to look up the address of the organization or lug heavy boxes into your car to take to their headquarters. Simply collect your charitable donations, arrange a time for them to be picked up, and they will be on their way to a deserving family just in time for the holidays.

Organizations that pick up clothing donations began popping up all over as people clamored for a way to give back to their community despite having a busy schedule. Between work, taking care of kids, and any other errands that need to be done, some people simply don’t have the time or resources to make it down to the charity.

These great charities give you a chance to join the effort to provide all families with a sense of normalcy during the holiday season. The “giving spirit” is in full swing during this time of year, and there’s no better way to feel good about yourself than to complete the simple deed of donating clothing to charity.

Do a quick online search of charities that pick up clothing donations in your area. It’s easy, fast, free, and you can even write off donations of more than $250 on your taxes with a receipt. Have fun, and happy holidays!

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