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Approximately 47% of Americans have not updated their home decor in the last five years, and 9% have not in more than 10 years. Although budget is a concern for some, another large percentage of people fail to update simply because they do not know how to. They are unsure which types of furniture to create a specific look. They are unsure what type of artwork and decorations will increase the room?s overall look, and not make it appear cluttered. Some would say that home design is a form of science. The following are a couple decoration tips to get you started.

Pre plan your room
Pre planning the design and decor of your room will not only save you money, but will also help you make better design decisions. If you have an overall look that you are going for, you know what colors, sizes, and types of items to look for. You also avoid purchasing furniture items that are too large and prevent you from putting other additions into that room. For example, if you were to purchase a large Vita Copenhagen dining set that takes up the majority of your dining room, you are unable to put in a wine rack or cart, when you come across the perfect one.

Learn the rule of threes
The rule of threes is a great way to look at home design items, like paintings, mirrors, or other artwork pieces. Learn the rule of threes and apply to your home decorating projects. Overall, odd numbers of objects when decorating are more eye catching and interesting than even numbers. If you particularly want to draw attention to a specific item, make it larger than the other two items. You will notice this method of design in many Vita Copenhagen pieces and professionally designed offices.

Carry a consistent theme throughout the house
When you are planning your home redesign, you might be tempted to implement many different themes and patterns. However, this can cause your home to appear confusing and hectic. Although you do not need to continue the same exact designs and colors throughout all of the rooms, attempt to choose ones that complement each other. If you choose warm browns and tans in the kitchen with numerous brown plated Vita Copenhagen design pieces, going with mid century modern office furniture, also in browns will nicely pair the kitchen with the office.

Design around your favorite cities or designers
If you particular enjoy a certain theme, location, or brand of furnishing items, you will find it especially easy to create multiple room designs around them. If you like a lot of the Vita Copenhagen design items, instead of trying to fit them into your already designed room, design your room around them. If you really enjoy the city of New York and the upscale designs of the city, consider going with New York furniture designs. You can create a beautiful design pattern out of almost any theme.

Always go with what makes you happy
Only about one in five Americans (20%) feel happy with their current home decor. Your home should always be your happy place. Never listen to a designer or design recommendations, if those recommendations make you unhappy. In the end, it is your home, and you have to live in it. Choose furniture pieces, designs, and themes that speak to you and that give you happiness, warmth, and relaxation.

A large percentage of people are currently unhappy with their home designs. Yet, many of them do nothing to improve it, usually because they do not know where to begin. If you are planning on redoing your home?s decor, start by pre planning your room. Gain an idea of what you want, create an overall theme, and take pre measurements. Learn the rule of threes for the best home designs and attention grabbing room decorative items. Plan designs around a favorite city or designer too. Attempt to carry a consistent theme throughout the house and remember to always do what makes you happy. After all, it is your house.

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