Have You Cleaned Your Carpet This Year? You Could Be At A Higher Risk For Cancer


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A clean environment is a productive environment. A cluttered and dirty space, on the other hand, is just asking for trouble. Humans are naturally fastidious and we spend a lot of effort adjusting, improving and scrubbing our surroundings to perfection. When you have a schedule packed to bursting with obligations, however, this can seem a distant feat indeed. A dependable maid service can ensure you won’t have to return to a dirty and dreary home again. Cleaning services are staffed by professionals that use a combination of reliable products and time honored techniques to keep you and your family feeling great.

Why should you look into a dependable maid service? The list below will clue you into the benefits of keeping your home or work office on the up and up.

Quick Facts

Did you know 80% of Americans believe a clean carpet is necessary for a clean home? This is a great place to start, as your carpet is notorious for trapping all sorts of nasty elements and encouraging them to fester right under your own nose. An additional cleaning study saw 20% of Americans considering their carpet to be even dirtier than their toilet seat. Sadly, the EPA sees only 50% of homeowners deep cleaning their carpets on a regular basis. There are over 895,000 maids working across the United States, meaning you won’t have to look very far to find a spring cleaning service in your area.

A Dirty Environment Is Bad For Your Health

A poorly maintained environment isn’t just unsightly. It’s actually bad for your health. Your carpet is useful for trapping dirt, mold, dust and dander, but if it’s not removed regularly it can encourage bacterial growth. This is doubly apparent if you have pets. Mold is a fungal growth that comes in hundreds of different variations. They are all, however, hazardous to your health and have been linked to certain forms of cancer. It’s recommended you deep clean your carpet every six months to once per year. A same-day maid service can be called for particularly bad cases.

Clutter And Disorder Decreases Productivity

A dependable maid service can even encourage productivity in your office. It’s true! An office cleaning study discovered regular cleaning can reduce absenteeism by nearly 47%. Dust has also been found to affect workers’ cognitive skills by 5%. Last, but certainly not least, employees that work in a clean office environment will have a much lower chance of catching the common cold or the flu from their co-workers. A single keyboard or computer mouse can harbor more germs than even a pet’s food dish.

People With Allergies And Breathing Conditions Are At Risk

An additional factor to keep in mind are people who have compromised immune systems or health problems that could be exacerbated by a poorly maintained environment. Asthma sufferers are particularly susceptible to the build-up of dust and dander, which could potentially trigger a serious reaction if not checked. If you notice your eyes watering more than usual whenever you walk inside or you’re coughing more frequently, it’s possible you need to clean up your air. A dependable maid service can deliver and in fine fashion.

Hiring A Maid Cleaning Service

A dirty, cluttered and dingy environment is bad all around the board. It affects your physical health, reduces your mental wellness and takes away precious time you could be spending elsewhere. Green cleaning is an improvement on the standard model and an aspect that should be actively sought out. One out of every three chemical cleaning products (even simple wipes or sprays) have ingredients linked to certain forms of cancer and, as a result, green cleaning product sales have risen by 35% over the past few years.

A custom cleaning service will ensure your environment isn’t just clean, but not actively maid worse with faulty chemicals. Improve your quality of life and see what a simple carpet cleaning can do.

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