Have an Upcoming Corporate Fundraiser or Celebration? Don’t Forget These Party and Event Rentals


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Are you holding an upcoming corporate event, such as a festival, fundraiser, or other celebration? Not only do you need to make sure that the right people are invited and the day goes off without a hitch, but you also need the right supplies, too. Everything from catering to seating needs to be arranged so that guests’ comfort is a priority. Even if you’re using a catering company or other specialty services to serve food, then you’ll still need to get things like tables and chairs or tents (if outdoors) elsewhere. That’s where party and event rentals services come in.

Whether you’re planning an outdoor festival or indoor charity gala, here are some of the party and event rentals you may need to consider for your company’s celebration:

  • Table and Chair Rentals: First and foremost, your guests will need plenty of space to rub elbows and mingle. While events like cocktail parties don’t usually require much seating, sit-down dinners and benefits should have seats for all. The tables that you choose for your event should vary depending on the type of celebration you’re having. For example, a fundraiser that sells some seats by the table may need space to seat between eight and 12 people. However, a festival won’t necessarily require seating arrangements, so having plenty of longer tables usually works fine for guests. As for chairs, you can choose from folding chairs or more formal dining chairs, which can be more comfortable if guests will be sitting for a long duration.
  • Table Linen Rentals: While table cloths, table runners, and napkins are designed for the table, not all linens are made to go there. Chair covers and sashes of various colors can also be selected, especially for more formal corporate events. Although white or black linens are fine for most events, you can also plan your event around a theme and choose different colors, too. It’s usually best to choose three colors and carry them through the entire decorating scheme, from the napkins to the decorations.
  • Tent Rentals: Holding your corporate event outdoors? From festivals to mixers, tents are invaluable no matter what the weather. Even though many people like the sun, they may want to seek some shade after a while. If it rains, then a tent can help save the day. For a touch of Cape Cod-style class, try using sailcloth tents, especially during warm weather. Tents can even be heated during colder seasons.

Have more questions about the party and event rentals you might need? Leave a comment or contact a rental service in your area. This is a great source for more. Continue reading here.

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