Got Milk? A Look At The Dairy Industry In the United States


There is no doubt about it that milk, particularly cow’s milk, is one of the most popular drinks in the United States. From toddlers to senior citizens, milk is part of many a healthy diet. There are even popularly flavored milks, with chocolate milk a school lunchroom staple for many many years. And milk isn’t just used for drinking. It’s used in cooking as well, and in the creation of non food products like some types of soaps. Milk can be used to make other food products like cheese and yogurt and can add creaminess to many different types of dishes. As milk is the fourth most popularly consumed beverage in the United States, fourth only behind beverages like water, beer, and soda, it is clear that the market for milk is still thriving, with more than two hundred pounds of the stuff produced in just one calendar year all throughout the country.

However, it is important that we consider the transport of milk, from the safety of the transport (often utilizing a 5 gallon pail liner) to the sustainability of the transport. Many different types of packaging is typically utilized in the transport of milk and milk products around the country. The 5 gallon pail liner is one such important component, as are metal tins and open head plastic drums. Such materials as the 5 gallon pail liner are important for the safety of the milk as it is transported. The 5 gallon pail liner helps to prevent the leakage of milk during transport, therefore preventing a loss of milk able to be sold – and a drop in profits. The 5 gallon pail liner and other milk transport methods like drum cap seals are instrumental in helping to keep the milk fresh until it gets to its final destination as well. Fresh milk is hugely important in order to prevent the spread of foodborne illness, with effects around one of out every six people in the United States every single year. Of these people, nearly fifty thousand contract severe enough cases of food poisoning that they must be hospitalized, and three thousand even die. Using the proper tools, such as a 5 gallon pail liner, can help to limit the risk of foodborne illnesses in the first place – and mitigate the number of severe cases that develop over the course of the year.

Sustainability has also become a matter of importance in the dairy industry, as well as industries around the world. Milk jugs for sale have long been made out of plastic, a hugely commonly used material in places all around the world. Plastic is so popular a material, in fact, that around six billion pounds of it are consumed in just one year on a global basis and this number is only expected to increase in the future. It is important that this plastic is recycled whenever possible, and the same is true for the dairy industry – particularly in the case of a milk jug for sale. Steel used in the production of dairy products should also be recycled, and currently nearly seventy percent of all steel products are now recycled in the United States and the North American continent as a whole.

There is no doubt about it that milk is important. We use milk for so much, from as a beverage to an ingredient in cooking. We rely on milk to provide essential nutrients to our babies and to add flavor and pizzazz to many a dish. But it is important to transport milk responsibly for a number of reasons. First of all, it is crucial to keep milk safe for consumption. It is also important to consume milk in a sustainable way in order to avoid contributing unnecessary waste to the world.

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